• Summary:
    Siesa is a 16-year-old girl bought by the Aitirasa family. When Siesa was 5, her parents died in a mysterious fire and she was all alone she was found by a stranger and sold on the street for money. The master of the Aitirasa family happened to be on a walk with his youngest son when he saw Siesa being sold. The master did not care about her but his son, Yakusa, took an interest in her. Even thought Yakusa was 7-years-old he was very smart and promised he would take care of her. So his father bought Seisa for him and he gave and named the Siesa. Now Siesa lives with the Aitirasa family as Yakusa’s servant.
    Yakusa is at an age where he is ready to take over his fathers billion-dollar company but in order to do that he is to get engaged and married. However Yakusa apparently has fallen in love with his childhood friend Siesa. But Siesa is also his servant so they are not aloud to have any love interest with each other. Besides that Yakusa has a problem with having sex. On the other hand Siesa doesn’t know that Yakusa loves her so she is happy about his engagement. How will Yakusa tell Siesa about his love for her? Find out in the first book of Sensation!


    “Thanks for the wonderful night I had tons of fun.” She said as she put her clothes on and walked out the door. When I saw her leave I came in to give Master his breakfast.
    “Good Morning Yakusa-sama, I hope you had some sleep last night” I said, in a stern, but clam voice. I walked in and Master was on the bed sitting up and his cloths everywhere. I know what Master does all night with those girls, and it’s not good for his health.
    “What are you talking about Siesa? You know I always do those things to keep me in shape.” He said putting his hand around my shoulders and talking close to my face, making me feel the breath on the bottom of my neck. I pushed him away.
    “You know that your still 18 years old, you shouldn’t be doing it so often” I warned him while picking up his dirty cloths off the ground. He sighed and said
    “Come on can’t you be a bit more play full?” he stood up and the blanket he had on him fell down. Before I saw anything I threw a pair of his boxers and pants at his hips. Before the cloths touch his skin he had caught them in his hands. “That could have hit my th-“
    “You should eat your food before it gets cold” I interrupted before he could finish his sentence. I laid out his food on the table of his room. When I looked up he had looked at me with a grumpy look on his face, but he put on his pants and sat down to eat the food quietly. I sat down across from him and watched as he ate his food.
    “How come you call me Yakusa-sama?” he asked as he took a big bite of the shrimp.
    “Why? Because I belong to you.” I said
    “But all the other servers call me Aitirasa-sama or Master, you’re the only one who calls me by my first name” He questioned. I had never thought about that but I thought that if I called him by his first name it would be friendlier
    “Do you not like me calling you by your first name?” I asked he took a great big bite out of the chicken (Yakusa-sama eats a lot for breakfast so he has a whole fried chicken)
    “Well I don’t mind it at all it’s just that don’t the others treat you differently because they think you’re closer to me than them?”