• I hate Forks. It's too rainy, too gloomy. I like Phoenix better, because of the hot sun.

    Plane rides were no bother to me, but staying in the same car with twitch Charlie, I mean dad- DAMN, how could a teenager like me take that? Not so good, but you know- I put on my 'I don't care' look or the 'I'm happy, yes let's talk and be awkward around each other too.'

    "I got you a car, Bells," Charlie said. Thanks, what kid would want to be driven in a police cruiser? No one at all. Trust me- when you're driven in that thing, everyone would look and just... Look at you, weirdly or something. I get paranoid when people stare... Ha ha, I get all paranoid and nervous.

    "What kind? Don't tell me it looks like this," I said as I strapped myself in the car. How horrible if it looked like a police cruiser, painted in all white or something...

    "It's a truck, actually a Chevy." Charlie replied. I looked at him- A truck? Can I drive a truck? I'm too cumbersome to actually get off the plane without tripping. Sheez, I'm a clutz.

    "Oh," Long pause of silence, actually a few seconds. "That's... Nice."

    "Ha ha, yeah. Do you remember Billy Black?" Charlie asked as he started the car. I shook my head. "You don't? He always went fishing with us." Oh yeah, as if I remember that horrible, unnecessary memory... Of fishing.

    "Is it new?" I asked. Charlie looked straight ahead. Charlie and I are similar in one thing- We can't express our emotions easily, we get uneasy or uncomfortable. I BLAME MY FATHER.

    "Well, he bought that thing around 1984," Charlie almost whispered.

    "... I can't afford a new thing if that thing breaks dad," I said.

    "I know, but don't worry. It runs great." Charlie still looking at the road ahead. Nice, so what if that thing suddenly died on the middle of the street... What am I suppose to do? I'm not a car person.

    But when we got to Charlie's, I saw this faded red truck in the drive way. I absolute fell in love with it. I could actually see me in that thing. My hair whooshing in the wind and... Never mind, I changed my mind... But still, I love the truck.

    "Thanks dad, I love it." I said. Surprisingly, I showed emotion. HA! One point for Bella - Zero for Charlie.

    "Glad you do," Charlie said.

    The house was still the same... Even my bedroom. The wooden floor, the light blue walls and yellow curtains- Did Charlie even wash that thing? It's always yellow every time I visit. Getting my stuff up the stairs was easy, luckily, I didn't fall or trip on the steps- I lived.

    I looked out the window and just let a few- A FEW - tears escape my face. Oh god, I'm being too emotional about all this. Why did I even decide to come here if I hate this place so much? WHY? Seriously, it's too gloomy, too cold- little sunlight... Gah, I'm anti-vampire. Vampires can't stand sun light. Oh wait, I'm human- what the ********.

    Anyway, I got all my clothes in my dresser and closet. After all that, I went to the bathroom and just took a bath after the travel and all. I looked at myself in the mirror... Oh my god, I'm pale. Or wait, translucent ivory skin. My hair is red, not red-red. Maybe red mixed with light brown? Ha ha, burned orange, I think. I don't know.

    First day of school at Forks High School is starting tomorrow... Oh god, I'm scared. Why? Because people there know each other basically. They all grew up together and everything, even their grandparents. But think about it, I'm the daughter of the Chief of Police- Duh, people would buzzing all over me tomorrow- I CAN FEEL IT. I have magical sensing power... I WISH.

    the next morning

    I didn't sleep at all last night. The whooshing of the rain on my window and on the roof bugged me to death. I tried covering my ears, nothing. Nothing worked- I only slept for a few hours... And guess what? First day of school! Oh my gosh, yaay... Rrrrighhtt

    Breakfast with Charlie, ha ha sounds like a TV show, was quiet. He only spoke when he said his goodbye's and told me to have a great day or good luck in school, Bells. I sat there, for what seemed hours, stood up and got read for school.

    Again, it was raining. GOD! Why can't it stop raining for once? Oh yeah, I'm in the city where it rains endlessly- gloomy and cold. What a nightmare...

    I walked outside my house with my biohazard replica jacket, locked the doors and ran to my truck. Yaay, warm and dry. VROOM! Holy s**t, that scared me. Well, it is an antique, it'd be stupid if it didn't have any flaws. Shockingly, the radio works- Oh my god, the radio works.

    I had no problem finding the school, which is weird. Schools should be hard to find if you don't have a map because Charlie didn't give me directions or a map to find that school. I arrived there, ha ha! No chain-link fences? No metal detectors? Oh yeah, once again this is a small, gloomy, rainy city... I forgot about that fact- It's a small town where everyone knows everybody.

    I found the Front Office and parked in front of it. Yeah, I'm new so it's totally okay right? I
    won't get ticketed or anything? I walked in and found a lady behind the counter.

    "Hello, may I help you?" The red-haired lady asked.

    "I'm Isabella Swan." I replied and as soon as I said my last name, the lady went into 'oh my ******** god- it's Charlie's kid' mode. Here comes the gossip about me. Whoope, as if there is any?

    "Hold on," she told me and looked in her files. Found my schedule and a map of the school. She told me the best routes and other things I need to know. She smiled warmly at me and I faked my smile. Oh yeah, she's fooled. Mwuahaha.

    I got back outside and saw some students getting to the school. I rushed to my truck and stayed inside for a while, parked at another location, and looked over the map- carefully and trying to memorize everything.

    The students here had no flashy cars, whatsoever. Ha ha, they epically fail- Mine is so much better. Ha ha, I'm kidding, but there is this car that stood out the most...

    A SHINY VOLVO. Ooh, pretty- it's shiny. I like shiny things.