• "Where are we attacking,sir?"Asked Colonel Jones. "We will attack china today, and Israel tomorrow." David Kolun replied. Lewis woke up,since it was all just a dream. David kolun was the Dictator of North America. He had taken over in 2010 and had destroyed all the alliances of America's. Lewis Mason was a reporter for the channel seven news. He lived in Columbus,Ohio. Lewis got dressed and went of to his job. "Today Dictator.Kolun has announced world war 3 has begun. Kolun has also announced that no communications out of the N.A.F will be made."Lewis reported. When Lewis got home he had an envelope slipped under the crack of his door. He ripped the envelope open and read the letter,and it said: Dear Lewis Mason,we saw your disrespect to Dictator Kolun today and we feel the need to secure the trust for our leader. In other words you will be sentenced to death tomorrow. You also may not want to attempt to escape because we have men waiting right outside you door,and the city is on lockdown.
    Oh my God!,Lewis said to himself. Lewis packed all his clothes,and his locked away pistol. He knew he couldn't leave from the front doors. He also lived on the fifth floor. He decided he would jump. On the north side of his apartment were four windows he could jump out. On the west side was the fire escape,which he would have the most chance of living. He threw his backpack into the alley and climbed down the fire escape,gracefully. His feet hit the ground and picked up the backpack. Lewis looked around the corner and ran to the edge of town. His worst obstacle was to get out of the city.