• My name is Minami , if your wondering their is no way in hell im Asian, my parents are both anime freaks, my whole life has been like a ******** Manga, i HATE all anime but my story is what changed my life forever so if you love anime or soujo keep reading and if your with me join the story to! (you can share my hate smile Oh did i mention i am a boy?
    It was my 17th birthday and i had always been the outcast so my parents had taken me to what? Of course of all places Tokyo, Japan! They wanted to eat in a real Cosplay restraunt for my birthday. I decided that i would go because i was starving and i had refused for all my other birthdays so i mean why not? they were just trying to be nice, so what i thought would bee a night of hell was about to get interestingly ... Lolita?
    I walked in and lighted a cigarette i had gotten from a machine outside and starting smoking, waiting for one of those Anime nerds to come take my order and of course one did i was about to order when out of no where a girl hotter than a world's imagination walked in to the restraunt she was dressed in what i had been taught was Sailor Lolita. my head was spinning...heh.. let me ref-raise that, i could not think straight. She was crying was the first logical thing i realized because her boyfriend was yelling at her, i slammed the table away from me and pushed my parents and the nerd out of the way and starting cussing in Japanese to the guy the first punch thrown? mine of course right in his god damn ******** face, "you should never treat a women that way don't you god damn people know that?" he looked at me and with those pathetic eyes ran out of the building, now in all this commotion the girl had fallen over , and she simply said "you know i can speak English right?" i could only laugh and say "you couldn't have told me that before i beat the crap out of that f**" "hey its your fault for running around in tokyo all alone " "oh right mom and dad, crap!"------- to be countuiened?