• Playing In The Dark
    Chapter 1: Visitors

    Dark town, dark castle, not-so-clichéd children.
    The said children I’m talking are upstairs in the bathroom. The castle was located in the forest which was also located in a small town called Oryellies. Just because it was a huge and some-what royal-looking castle doesn’t mean the family inside was of royal blood. In fact…they weren’t. The mother’s name is not important and neither is the father’s name so from here on out you, the reader, will know them as just mother and father or Mr. and Mrs. Pryna, for now. The castle itself was sold by some random Realtor who was trying his hardest to sell that house before it was torn down for the land it was built on. The place was just so beautiful and shouldn’t be torn down for something as trivial as land. To describe this place would be to picture one of those old and somewhat sinister castles with the moss growing on the side of the place and the big pointy tops of the two towers that made the top of the castle. The place had many rooms but with the threat of it being torn down increasing more and more the price of it wasn’t as high, just twenty thousand dollars. The windows to the front-most rooms could be seen with its thick black borders on the windows to give it that old look. The whole castle was surrounded by a gate and in the front was a huge gate that was slightly ajar because of rust, it didn’t close properly. All in all, the castle was that of a fairy tale made modern because of the people living in it.
    “Heeey, that’s my toothbrush!” the boy said to his sister. This boy was fourteen years old at the moment while the girl he was bickering with only stared at him with a smug grin. “No this is mine! I had the red one, remember?” she said mockingly as she waved the toothbrush with the red design in the middle. This girl was the same age but with long black spikey hair. Her brother had short black spikey hair. Actually these two children were fraternal twins, born at the same but different genders so they weren’t identical just very similar. They both had the same big expressive eyes that were the color of silver. The same pale skin and the same jet black hair just of different lengths. Both siblings were causing a ruckus and with the big place things had the tendency to echo throughout the castle. It always reached the master bedroom, though. Mr. Pryna placed a tired hand over his eyes and sighed heavily while Mrs. Pryna just got out of bed, heading for the twins room. Amazing how they lived in a castle but they still shared a bathroom…
    The tired mother came to the loud bathroom with a rather irritated look on her face. “What’s going on in here?” she asked, trying to be as calm as a tired mother could at this point. The brother, whose name was Myvin and the sister, whose name was Fayne both looked up at there mother with those silver eyes as if innocent children. Pfftt…innocent? Not by a long shot. “Fayne used my toothbrush!” Myvin spoke causing Fayne to give him a dirty look that would say ‘you little brat!’ but no words of denying it came forth. The Mrs. Turned to Fayne and sighed. “You guys are fourteen, give it a rest already. And as for you, Fayne. You know better, too!” she said, this time with authority in her voice and in her blue eyes that had specks on black in them. Was everyone in this family just strange in appearance? Fayne huffed and reached up to open the medicine cabinet then pulled out a pretty light blue toothbrush. A frown still upon her face because she was yelled at but small smirk grew in the frowns place. Side-glancing at her brother “I’m sorry.” She said, almost sounding sincere despite her expression –if that was even possible– at the moment. Mrs. Pryna just said her goodnights, waved, and stumbled back to her room.
    Fayne and Myvin said nothing for a few minutes while they began brushing their teeth. Fayne leaned back a bit as her silver eyes were searching for the devil-red numbers in the darkness of the bedroom. Aha! Blinking a couple times before what the clock read registered and Fayne recognized it as ten o’clock . It was nine-thirty pm. when they first got in the bathroom. They sure knew how to waste time didn’t they? Turning to her brother she poked him with her pale index finger. Myvin turned to her with half-closed almost bored-like eyes. “What?” he asked in that gargled but understandable manner. Fayne only chuckled at the sight of him looking mad but the white toothpaste foam didn’t help the expression. “Oh nothing.” She responded with a sly smile as she reached over to grab a white towel, wet it, and washed her face before putting it back on the rack. Fayne was dressed her favorite red-spotted black gown. It was sleeveless so it had white frills and tied in the middle with a lacey ribbon, the gown came down to her mid-calf. Myvin wore a white conventional pajama shirt and black pajama pants. Very simple pajamas. “Ready to go to bed, Myvin?” she asked in a fake high and innocent voice. Myvin had just finished washing his face before he turned to his sister with a half smile. “Yup.” He answered simply after tossing the towel back on the rack and walking over to her. Fayne turned to the window and walked a little closer, it was quite the giant window for looking out of, you would see the whole yard, gate of the castle, and lots beyond that. The castle wasn’t far from the town of Oryellies . The little town was too boring whenever the family would go into town but during the night when they would usually sneak out and go alone, it wasn’t boring at all.
    Silver eyes looked down as she saw someone entering through the gate, Fayne was far up so she couldn’t tell what the person was wearing but she saw it was a boy. Turning halfway with her hand out, motioning for Myvin to come over. “Come look at this.” She told him and giggled darkly before she turned back to the window while Myvin walked over and looked downward. “Wonder what they want at this time of night.” The boy said, thinking. It was funny whenever they got unexpected visitors during the night when they were at home. Fayne turned her head to Myvin “Wanna go find out?” she asked, rather excitedly. Fayne just loved it when people came to indirectly visit the place. Myvin on the other hand found it rather annoying because most of them came to bother them. As you probably figured out, the castle is one infamous place, people of Oryellies talked about things that they think happened, things that weren’t too good. So on occasion they would kids who come to check out the place, but most were very ignorant to the fact that people live there, now. Fayne skipped over to her dresser which was across the room and immediately got out her favorite outfit. It was currently the summertime so nothing hot. Fayne pulled out a black long-sleeved dress shirt only it stopped above her belly-button while the skirt she wore ended at mid-thigh but she made sure to where leggings, they were grey and the skirt was a nice color of white with black stripes going downward. She clipped on a golden pocket watch to the side, it had interesting designs engraved in it and they were wings with an upside-down cross in the middle. Slipping on her silver-toed black boots, she then opened another drawer and got out black ponytail holders. Immediately, went over to the mirror and in about five minutes she now had two semi-long but still spikey pig-tails with silk red ribbons tied in a bow while the ends drooped down by her face and a short bang hid her right silver eye. Next and last was her candy-cane patterned beret. Now her assemble was complete.
    “Are you QUITE done?” asked a fully dressed Myvin. Fayne turned around from the mirror to see Myvin with his arms crossed in an impatient manner. Clearly he wasn't the type to wait on a girl when she was doing..girly things in front of the mirror. Oh well. “Yeah, I'm done.” she said with a giggle. Myvin wore a white shirt, somewhat like a sleeveless turtleneck and of course it had the sort of narrow strip leading up to the actual turtleneck collar. The shirt was tucked into baggy black pants that were adorned with two different belts going in opposite angles of each other, one with red X's and the other was outline in a bright green while his shirt was outlined in a nice black. On his hands were crimson fingerless gloves and on his feet were white and black sneakers. One thing was different, though. On his head were three white downward pointy stripes on the left side of his head of jet black hair. Ironic but one thing that wasn't exactly clear, it wasn't hair dye. Fayne walked across the room and grabbed both sides of the door frame and leaned out on one foot, cocking her head to the side, using her ear to listen closely. Smiling and turning to Myvin after letting go of the door frame. “They're asleep, lets go.” she whispered and as if on cue Myvin walked over and passed his sister. “Hmph..” she grunted and folded her arms. “You know, there is a little thing called, Ladies first.” she said but Myvin showed no signs of listening as he was still walking. The old castle hardly had creaks even though some parts of the castle had wood flooring. Their parents were thinking of putting those wooded floors under carpet but the decisions wasn't put into effect, yet. Myvin's personality changed a bit from childish to something along the lines of mature but not quite. Fayne sighed and strode to catch up to Myvin as he was now heading down the stairs. “Race ya~” Fayne whispered as she glided down the stairs in a quick motion, Myvin rolled his eyes and smirked before running down them himself. Jumping off the second before last step as they usually did and chuckled at each other. They were siblings alright.. A sigh of relief after that laugh but then Fayne stopped to listen. After a few seconds “Yep, still asleep.” a smile came across her face again. Hey, if their parents woke up to see them awake at this late hour they would probably get yelled at.
    Myvin went over to the window that was closest to the big front doors. The window was tall and wide but not very wide. Silver eyes searched through the trees and darkness to find a trace of the late-night visitors. He pursed his lips when he couldn't find anything visually but opened the window a crack so it wasn't really noticeable. Closing his eyes, letting his hearing get stronger. Through the darkness, small rustling noises came back to his ears. A grin crept across his lips as big silver eyes opened again. Turning his head back to Fayne who had been twirling in a circle for some random reason. Myvin blinked, giving an awkward look with a raised eyebrow but just shook his head and asked no questions. “They're on the left side of the house nearing the shed.” he explained in a bored tone, still wondering why she was spinning in a circle. Now that he told her she had a confused look on her face. “The shed? There's nothing in there...but sharp pointy things!” her voice got higher as she said the second part and started hopping around like some happy get who just got tons of presents for their birthday. Myvin was getting irritated. “Are we gonna go, or what?”
    “Of course!” Fayne replied, after restraining herself from hopping around again.
    “Then, let’s go. We're gonna beat them to the shed, so come this way.” he told her and motioned for her to follow as he turned around, heading for the kitchen. Their kitchen was big...the counter-tops were made of marble, the floor tiles made that usual tapping noise if you stepped on it with heels but it didn't make much noise. Mrs. Pryna did love this kitchen, oh yes, she did very much. Myvin was heading for the back door, Fayne pushed him through it and almost made him hit his head if the door didn't fling open when she pushed him. Myvin jerked his head back and his face was wisted in that angry fashion. “Don't do that!” he told her, still trying to keep his voice down. Fayne looked at him with those adorably big silver eyes. “Sorry, Myvin.” she apologized. Myvin sighed and just got behind her and pushed. Fayne walked in a marching fashion that somehow made no noise. Myvin pushed her to a ladder that was put on the right side of the shed, funny because Myvin didn't hear the visitors coming. “I think we're early, Myvin.” she said in a disappointed voice as she and Myvin climbed the ladder.
    “Early? Pfft... It's not my fault I stride without knowing.” he answered with his arms crosssed, he was looking out of the right corner of his eye , away from Fayne who was sitting on the opposite side of him. “Of course it's your fault...” she said, closing her eyes half-way.
    “YOU'RE the one striding...!” she said, trying not to be loud.
    Myvin's eye twitched a bit as the corner of his mouth tugged upward in a crooked smile. Why was he was smiling? Even I don't know.
    Fayne just shook her head and moved over to the other end of the top of the shed. She was in the front and high up she swung her legs over and swayed them back and forth as the light breeze came and tickled her pale skin. She leaned back with her hands to support her torso while her head lay back, eyes closed. Myvin sat crossed-legged near the edge of the roof of the shed, to the right of his sister with his back hunched over, elbows on his thighs. They were both waiting for the unexpected yet still expected visitors. Fayne's head jerked up as she looked forward with a grinned. “They're coming.” she whispered and Myvin nodded in response. Five minutes later voices were heard coming from the left which was on Myvin’s side. Opening his eyes wide, he could make out how many people came and what they looked like. There were five in all, one blonde, one had black hair, another had dye so it was white with red highlights, the fourth had brown hair but in the dark it would look black, the last had long blue hair only it was spikey at the top, this seemed to be the leader as he was in the front as if leading that pack of punk rockers… Myvin leaned forward a bit, actually not believing his eyes right now. Fayne saw them clear as day even though it was at a fairly late hour. The hour where children should have been asleep, dreaming of anything but not these children. “What the… ” came Myvin’s voice of disbelief. Looking at the gang of Japanese punk rockers, well from there it looked like wannabe Japanese punk rockers. “Yeeeaahh, I think we can both agree on that we don’t know them...” Fayne said in a sort of confused yet curious tone of voice. She was interested and she wanted to know who they were. Myvin on the other hand just wanted to see if they were different from the other barbaric bully-like children that dare to come around the castle.
    The group of teens came closer but the closer they got it seems that the shed got bigger and taller so they weren’t able to see the twins. Funny because for now that’s what they wanted. The back door was apparently what they were aiming for and the blue-haired boy put a finger to his lips to shush his gang of friends as that hand reached for the door handle. A sharp but loud whistle of interest was heard and the boy stopped instantly. Unseen red eyes looking around without moving his head until chuckling was heard coming from Fayne who had crossed her legs over the edge of the shed’s roof. “Hee-hee, now you wouldn’t be trying to break in to that house now would you?” she said in a funny yet creepy manner with a long upturned grin as if she had turned into the Cheshire Cat. The Blue-haired boy then turned to look at her with sharp red eyes that shined with the help of the moonlight; it showed Faynes bright silver eyes and pale skin. She was quite pretty now wasn’t she? “Who are you and why should I tell you, anyway?” he asked with a voice that just told of a short-temper. It only made Myvin sigh as he stood up from his spot and went over to the edge where Fayne had moved to, he squatted down as his arms were out resting over his knees in a bored fashion. “Good question but a better one would be who are you?” he asked with an unwavering superior tone of voice. The one with white hair and red highlights just laughed. “Looks like we’re caught.” He said with a smirk. This boy had yellow eyes. Myvin’s eye moved to gaze at that boy, he seemed to be the funny one of the quiet group. “You could say that.” He replied to the boy.
    “You still never answered my question.” Fayne said with a creepy giggle as he head leaned to the right.
    The blue-haired boy just shook his head and laughed came from him. A few seconds and he fully faced the two siblings. “If I said yeah would you call the police?” he asked.
    A cat-like smile appeared on her face. “Oh, why would I do that?”
    “Well, people usually do that if there’s a break-in.”
    “Hmm, well they do but why would I?” she replied with a snicker.
    The one with highlights titled his head and sighed. “Seems that they just wanna mess with us.”
    Fayne shook her head. “No, we just thought we’d pay a visit.”
    Myvin rolled his eyes at Fayne. Pay a visit? Pffft, but it would seem that the group didn’t know that they lived there. This could be fun.
    Myvin moved his hand to where Fayne could see it and motioned for her to follow. She nooded and they both jumped down to the ground so they were in front of the group. Fayne just stretched causing the shirt to raise even more. The blue-haired one and the one with highlights just stared, almost blushing but the night hid that pinkish color. Letting her arms drop, her silver eye stared at them and she smiled. Myvin smirked as he shoved his hands in his pockets. “So what’d you guys come her for?” he asked.
    “None of your business, why’d you come here?” the blue-haired one scoffed at him.
    Myvin only chuckled as if what he said didn’t phase him at all. After all, it didn’t. “Why’d we come here? We told you, remember. We wanted to pay a visit.” Continuing to be vague about things was fun for these two. They weren’t lying, just refusing to relay certain parts of information secret until the time comes. Fayne nodded in agreement. “Just a visit. Seems, you were intent on breaking into this house, though.” She added in as she crossed her arms with the thumb and forefinger of her left hand were under her chin and on her cheek in a thinking fashion.
    “Tch. We weren’t gonna break in, okay? We were just going to…” he voice trailed off, leaving the twins interested.
    “Just gonna, what?” they both said in unison.
    The boys red eyes were dim now. What was wrong? If they weren’t going to break in then what were they going to do? Myvin was sure that’s what they were going to do if Fayne hadn’t said anything when the guys hand was on the handle. Anyone would go through the back door if they came to break-in to an unknown person’s house; the front was too easy and obvious.
    “Nothing, I guess lies won’t work here.” He finally said it so they were a couple of thieving teenagers. Myvin just sighed. “And here I though you guys would be more interesting.” He said, disappointed. The on with highlights raised an eyebrow out of confusion. “What?”
    “Oh nothing. We just thought you wouldn’t just be ordinary thieves. Well you’re clothes prove you’re not quite ordinary but over-all you are.” He explained with a wave of his hand. He was now bored.
    “So..you were watching us?” the one with highlights asked, now trying to figure out something.
    Fayne nodded happily and pointed to up to the shed’s roof. “Watching from up there.” She said.
    One thing was still kept secret.
    The boy with blue hair looked as though he were mad about something. “What are you guys, stalkers?”
    Both twins just laughed out loud for a few seconds. After that, they were panting, trying to catch their breath. When it was back they just looked at them. “No.” they both said in unison.
    “Then why do you care if I were to break-in or not?” he asked, going back to his scoffing tone of voice.
    Myvin grinned. “Well, the two adults wouldn’t like that. It’s probably mid-night now and they don’t take kindly to people breaking in this late.” He snickered.
    “And how would know that?” the blue haired asked.
    “Why you ask? What a good question.” Fayne said as if a sarcastic teacher to a bunch of five year olds.
    “Well, those two adults--” said by Fayne
    “Are our parents.” Finished by Myvin.
    The one with highlights looked up with a finger on his chin as if thinking. “Then, you guys must…” his voice trailed off.
    “Gah, yes, yes, we live here. Is he always like this?” Myvin asked the blue-haired one, growing impatient.
    “Like what?!” the one with highlights asked as he was feeling insulted.
    The blue-haired guy just sighed and nodded, causing Myvin to shake his head. The blue-haired teen was now staring at the twins, in concentration. Myvin raised an eyebrow and then after a few seconds of silence and lack of movement, Myvin began snapping his fingers. “Hey, anyone there?” he asked and snapped the boy out of his small thinking trance.
    “Oh..what?” he asked alittle surprised.
    “Got a name?” asked Fayne, smiling.
    The blue-haired one was reluctant to give out his name but he did. “It’s Aiden” he said and Fayne blinked. It was a cool name and didn’t sound at all Irish but with that blue hair and red eyes, the name fit.
    “And what about you, Mr. Highlights, got a name?” Fayne asked
    Said highlights person just blinked. “Mr? I’m not old! But my name is Konnor. My mom spelled it with a ‘K’ instead of a ‘C’.” the boy smiled that wonderful little cat smile, almost like Fayne. She giggled at the resemblance. “I’m Fayne and this is Myvin.” She introduced them both and Myvin just frowned her with that ‘I could’ve said that myself, you know’ type look but he said nothing.
    “Do you two really live here? This place is..well, it’s not too famous. If you catch my drift.” Konnor explained. Fayne just looked at Myvin with a confused frown. “What’s he talking about?”