• In the distant country side from Destroyed New York,a new house was built.Who did it belong to?Sash and Marina.The landscape was perfect for the Heroes Of Earth.A wide field that stretched on for yards,700 yards at least.Many trees and much wild life.


    Chapter 1-13 is always the best

    "Happy birthday Luna!!"Both Marina and Sash exclaimed excitedly.

    Luna stared wide eyed and surprised.As she smiled at them,she quickly took in a deep breath and blew out all 13 candles."Thank you mom and dad."She said hugging them.

    Sash smiled as he pulled a present out from under the table."Go ahead.Open it."He said giving her some space.

    The tag read,from Marina and Sash.Hope you like it.Luna gripped the plastic and ripped it off."A new cell phone?Thanks mom and dad!"She realized it was a touch screen phone."This is the best cell phone ever!"

    "And also,I'll finally show you the second form!We just need to go outside."He said opening the door to the field."Watch carefully."He said jumping back at lest 15 yards."First you need to focus really hard."Sash closed his eyes and began to let out a low battle cry,louder,louder,until her began to scream.The ground began to shake rapidly like and earth quake,the trees bent away from him.

    Luna's long brown wavy hair flew back and she struggled to stay in the same spot.She stared in Awe as energy fiercely radiated off of him.

    Sash skipped the half form.His hair turning black,his eyes turning yellow,and horns busted out of the side of his head that pointed forward.A shadow in his image appeared behind him.3 Strands off Sash's hair grew long,one running down the middle of his face,the other 2 ran down the side of his head,extending longer then the other hairs."That's how you get to the second form.....Everyone's is different."

    Luna smiled and quickly ran over to him.She grabbed one of the longer stands of hair with awe,and picked at the horns."Wow!You clothing goes perfectly with this form!"

    Sash was wearing a blue sleeveless zip up shirt,black slightly baggy pants and blue Nike's."You really think so?"He asked picking her up with both hands.

    "Of course i do!Your the best dad ever!"

    Despite her opinion,he slowly began to regret not saving the lives of New York city,making him think he wasn't the best dad ever.

    "His form has changed since that battle with Paradox.He looks much stronger."Marina said glancing at him from the front door."Come on!Dinners ready!"Marina yelled,waving for them to come.

    Sash turned back to normal,he smiled and ran back into the house.Luna Sat at the table before Sash could."Aw damn!You beat me!"He said smirking playfully."My favorite,Pinto beans and rice...."Sash said rubbing his hands together like a mad scientist."Muahahaha!"He said reenacting a laugh he heard off of some weird movie.

    "Do you think he has a brain?"Luna asked in a whisper to Marina.

    "Sometimes...no."She replied back.

    Time passed quickly as they laughed and enjoyed themselves.Luna had eaten all of her food so fast,it was as if she inhaled it."Delicious!"She commented as she had finally finished.

    "I have to say,it was better then the experimented beams."Sash said also finishing."I'll wash the dishes.You guys can go upstairs and change."He said as he turned on the water and began to wash them.

    Later that night,Sash turned on the Television.Luna was asleep and Marina was asleep as well."Nothing good on TV..."He said real tired."Good night Marina...."Sash said closing his eyes and pulling the cover up to his neck.

    The next morning had arrived.Luna dress in A yellow zip up sleeveless shirt,along with blue tight jeans.Her hair was now curly."Bye mom and dad!I'm off to school!"She yelled as she ran out the front door.

    "Bye sweet heart!"Marina yelled out .

    "See you later!"Sash called out from the upstairs.

    Luna leaped into the air and flew off as fast as a speeding car toward Gyro School.As Luna reached it,she landed in front of the door and opened it to see that she was late."Crap!!"She ran through the hallways and busted through her homeroom door."Sorry I'm late Mrs.Jaguar!"

    "Its alright,but I'll have to give you a detention next time."

    Luna sat down at her table and began to listen to the teacher.

    Meanwhile at home,Sash and Marina were at home cleaning."Do you think the people of earth really appreciate what we did?"She asked pushing back her brown hair.

    "I don't think so.We did let New York get destroyed..."He replied taking out the garbage.

    "I just hope no more Asasika's come here to kill us.I hope Luna doesn't get caught up in it as well."

    "Me too."He replied sitting down on the table chair.

    I have to go to Gyro city anyway,i have to be interviewed today at 10:30 A.M. by 69 news.They also want you to go."He said smiling."They never told me what they wanted to interview us for,but I'm pretty sure its about the battle with Paradox."