• Boy: "Come on!!"
    Girl: "I'm comming!!"
    Boy: "Move faster!!!!"
    girl: "I can't!!!"
    A girl and a boy are running in a abandoned warehouse store. The girl trips on something.
    Girl: "Ahhhhhhhhh!"
    The boy runs up to her.
    Boy: "You ok?"
    Girl: "I don't know I think I sprung my ankle though..."
    A demon like hiss come from the shadows behind them.
    Boy: "It's comming.....I'll have to carry you."
    He picks her up and runs just as a bloody hand comes from the shadows.
    Thing: "You won't EXCAPEEEEEEE!"
    The hand disapears.
    Girl: "How Are we gonna get out!!!!! Sarah, luna, Star, and john are all gone...What do we do NOW!!!!"
    Boy: "I don't know...." (In mind: THIS SUCKS!!!!)
    A light comes from the exit ahead.
    Girl: "Ther-'
    Boy: "I see it...."
    Girl: "Oh ok.."
    The light disapears as the things face apears.
    Boy: "Crap!"
    He kicks the thing in the face and runs out.
    Girl: "Close call..."
    Boy: "Were never doing anything like this again..."
    Girl: "Ok.."