• Reverie woke up and stretched. Arielle came in.

    “Oh so your finally awake.”

    Reverie looked at her quizzically. What am I… she started to think, and then it as cut off. She recalled what had happened before she fell asleep. She jumped on Arielle.

    “I’m so sorry! I know you had good intentions!”

    Quizzically Arielle laughed.

    “It’s alright.” BUZZZ the pager went off “Oh pizza boy.”

    “I’ll get it.”

    “NO! Rev!”

    As soon as Reverie opened the door she knew it was a mistake. There was Evan. But this was not the point. Her blood was boiling, chest was burning, mouth watering, a pulse threatening to explode her veins. Evan unknown to what was going to happen if he came any closer did just that, he stepped forward and past her. Without knowing it she lunged.

    “Hey!” Evan dropped the pizza. Slick. Reverie’s fangs were out. Evan went into momentary shock before passing out.

    “Revy! You’ve been asleep for 5 days!” Arielle halted as she saw her on top of Evan “Great out of all the pizza boys, we get the unhappy one when you’re hungry.”