“I was only 8 when it first happened. I didn’t know what to do. What would you do? Well, I was scared, confused, and young SO I ran. I killed my...my mother. My name is Victoria Keri Russet. I am a mutant. I accept myself as I am. I can control it, since I’m now almost 21.” I looked around the little, undecorated, white room and saw the mutants’ faces, so….interested. “You want to stay like that? You want to stay scared!” Dr. Martin scolded and thought about my introduction. “So, what’s your oh-so-dangerous power?” I looked at the little girl that asked my question, but instead of seeing a weird-looking girl, like I was expecting, I saw a very ordinary girl, aside from her eyes. I looked into her snow white eyes, to realize she wasn’t looking at mine. “She’s blind. Just answer her question.” Said a rather cute boy, looking at my pale face with his emerald eyes. “Well,” without looking away I answered her question,” I am a bulliant.” They looked at my home-made name with curiosity. ”A bulliant?! What the heck is that?”
    “It’s my power. I am a human gun. There is no proper name so I made one up.”
    They seemed accepting. Applause erupted and I got a bit startled. All but that boy who, I noticed, looked up at me when I said “human gun.”
    “Well done my darling! You are truly the most awesome one of all!”
    The word rolled of his tongue, and with his British accent, I couldn’t help but giggle.
    But what am I to expect? I am in London.
    “Why exactly am I awesome?”
    “Victoria, you had the boldness to tell us…or rather admit your noticeably unique power. You have shone above us all my dear.” The confusing applause had stopped. After proving myself to be “awesome” I grew curious of the very pale blind girl. “Umm, excuse me? What is your name?” “The name’s Kyle, nice to meet ya. The power, well, my specialty is invisibility, but my other power is levitation. I can’t say that I am the best but I’m learning to control it.”
    The little blind girl with the curly blonde hair amazed me to a point where she asked me to stop staring. How did she know that if she was blind? “Oh yeah, I can also sense the heat coming from your body. I can make out a pretty good image of you in my mind, for a blind girl that is...” After learning about Kyle, I grew extremely interested in the mutants around me…