• Meera : a 17 year old girl with something in her heart.
    Sean : a 18 year old boy who seems to be hooked to Meera but there something in his heart.
    Will : LOVES Meers and Meera's best friend but will no tell her how he feels. He hates Sean from when he was little.

    Meera was a odd girl the other girls hated her just because she stole all the men's hearts. There was something about Meera that made men fell in love with her, no matter if they had a girlfriend or married. If they knew her name that was it. She had one friend that she though didnt love her in that was that was Will they were friends forever. Will was always there for Meera and Meera saw it as she didnt have to worry about Will falling for her.
    One day a new boy moved in to the houes next to Meera's. He was a shy man didn't talk much at school. Meera always head him music in her bedroom every night she never got to sleep. It was driving her insane she never sleeped and she never wanted to eat. She grow tired of it, one night she was sick of it and ran over to his houes. She banged on the door so hard she could not feel her hand. When she head the music stop she was relived some what. When she saw the door open she opened her mouth to talk but insted was pulled in. He sat there and held her in him arms, and she didnt fight back. She felt safe in his arms for some reason.
    After he let go he said "Im so sorry i didnt mean to scare you" she said "its ok i wasn't scare". Sean took Meera face in his stone cold hands and looked deep in to her eyes. Meera couldn't move her eyes were locked on Sean's.

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