it was a dark and stormy night the night shamus was returning home from the bakery with a sack full of bread to feed his poor family just then winds blew stronger the wolves howled with the wind until shamus realized it wasnt a wolf he saw a glowing beautiful figure in the distance he knew it wasnt the moon because the clouds coverd it it was a beutiful girl howling he didnt know why but he kept walking until he heard a voice saying "i will steal your soul" he looked behind him it was the girl that was howling but she wasnt beautiful she looked like a demon from the deep dephts of hell summoned by the devil
    "what are you" shamus asked "im a banshee whoever watches me howl will get there soul stolen" the banshee said shamus ran the banshee flew after him he was still faraway from his house he kept running knowing that if he stopped the demon would get him he got to his house safely his family looked at him weirdly thats when he woke up to relize that it was a dream

    but he still wasnt safe when you see a banshee in your dreams stay indoors for a week or youll get your soul stolen