• I sit in the mansion, so full of sins and sorrows. The fireplace’s embers rise up into the chimney as if running away from this dreadful place. The clock on the wall ticks. And each passing minute it gets closer. I sigh, wishing it would come so I could get it over with. Then the clock strikes twelve. Midnight I thought, they should be coming.

    Some or something started pounding on the door. They must not know that their dead, I thought. And that’s why I’m here. The pounding got louder and harder. Then a loud shriek echoed through the whole mansion. Finally, a lost spirit of someone that had just died entered the room. The fireplace went out, and the room got a sudden chill. The spirit was a young boy, about fifteen years old. He had a blue glow because he was dead.

    The boy stared at me, as if waiting for me to say something. I knew talking to him wasn’t going to do any thing, so I took out a picture and showed it to him. The picture was the boy’s family. He reached out his hand, wanting to hold the picture, but I took it back and shook my head. I then walked to the window and motioned the boy to come as well.

    Through the window was a graveyard. Tombstones off all shapes and sizes sat in the courtyard. The boy stared at the graves. He finally knew that he was dead.
    Then, down at the courtyard. Two other spirits appeared. A man and women. The two spirits were looking at the window that the boy and me were looking out of. The boy smiled at me. Even though he was dead he would still be with his parents.

    The boy’s spirit disappeared and reunited with his parents. I watched them fade away into the dark. The moon light as their guide to heaven.
    But although the boy and his parents made a safe crossing, my job will never end.
    With sins, and sorrows I’ll be trapped here for eternity