• The screams ring through the hallways. The sound of chainsaws and knifes cutting into skin. The please for help, the cries of children, and the blood spilled onto the floors. Bodies stacked high in each room. The failures have escaped, crazy, wild, insane, rabid.

    Down the hallway you hear the girl's insane laughter. Her smile evil and wide as she laughs hard. Blood stained onto her hands. She strapped down onto the bed, scientist sticking needles into her to calm her down, but the demon was fighting them off and it only pissed it off more.The girl was halfway into transformation, she slashed through the straps and killed off every scientist in that room. Laughing eviling she started to play in the blood running her fingers through it and "painting" the walls with it.

    The girls name was Blood. That was her given name, because of the blood demon sealed inside of her. It's blood lust was uncontroalable. It loved the evil things, it loved the place it was in. The demon loved hearing the screams and pleas for help in all the room. It loved seeing all the dead bodies and blood splattered throughtout the building.

    Blood changed back into her human form and fainted. Scientist came in with caution taking her away and the throwing the dead bodies into a different room full of the dead. Down the dim lighted hallways and girl with wings lay in her room.

    She was cold, lonley and scared. The girl's wings twitched a bit and she curled into a ball. The lights suddenly turned on and she went blind. The girl's name was Angel, given the name by her experiemnt. She was given white wings, shes able to heal rapidly, and she has night vison eyes only. Making Angel blind in the light. Angel was pulled out of her bed and felt something sharp against her wings. She heard a clip and then a snap as 3 feathers were cut off. She screamed in pain and then was thrown to the floor. The lights kept on and she heard the door shut. Angel lyed there whimper in fear.

    Across the hallway were siblings. One thrased around on the floor screaming out "THERE KILLING ME THERE KILLING ME!!" Her brother in tears was despertly trying to calm her down. As he knew she would not die right there.Twist, the sister,was able to see spirts, but only the bad ones. Therefore they tried to kill her and tourter her. Jester, the brother, was able to see the future, but only of peoples deaths. Jester watched in pain as cuts appeared out of no where on his sisters body. She finally stopped screaming and blackedout. Jester held his sister praying that someday they would find a way out.

    Farther up the hallway was two boys in the same room. They did not know each other as the one was just put in there today. He was asleep, as he has just gone through brain surgery. His name was Jinx, as his emotions set things off, bad things. The boy in the same room stared at him. The boy's name was Rain, as he was able to control elements, but his emtions set them off.

    The evil laughs and the screams mixed in together was giving rain a headache. Suddenly wall around the door crumbled to peices. Scientist suddenly rushed in and tazered the boy before he could escape. Rain collasped and was left on the floor.

    This place is no where to be found. On an island in the middle of the ocean. It can not be found on a map. This place is evil and unknown. The things they do are illeagl. They pick up children and teenagers off the streets by luring them into traps and then ship them to the island for experiements. Many fail and there bodies are thrown into rooms. When the room fills they throw the bodies in the ocean.

    Will the experiements escape? Will they ever see life outside again? Welcome to the Experimental Instiute...