• 2. The Market Place

    Ten years had passed since the king’s daughter was born. They decided on the name Manwethiel for her. It was an elfish name which means Katherine is English. Manwethiel was quite an explorer always finding trouble around the castle; she never got to leave the castle though not even with her mother. She never understood that. Her mother, the queen of Moutia was allowed to go into the town, but Manwethiel was never ever supposed to leave, even in an emergency.

    It was early on in the week. Her mother wanted to cook cake for Manwethiel’s birthday which was one day away, but her mother needed some more egg and flour.

    “Mother please let me come.” Manwethiel begged. Her mother turned her head and nodded her head no. “Please mother, I promise I won’t leave your side.” Now Manwethiel was pleading. “No Manwethiel.” Her mother answered with a sharp tone. “But mother is not fair. You always get to go and you’re the queen. Please?” She pleaded for the last time. The queen turned and looked at and nodded her yes. “Fine, but just this one time do you understand me Manwethiel?” Manwethiel nodded her head eagerly. “And you will stay with me at all times.” Manwethiel nodded her head yes again. “Good. Now go get ready.” Manwethiel whipped around the corner. Her mother couldn’t help but to let out a small laugh at her daughter.

    Manwethiel and her mother rode together into town on their little carriage being pulled by two horses. Manwethiel couldn’t help but stare at everything they passed by. It was so different to her there was so much to take in.

    Manwethiel noticed a man the scared her. She jumped some and scooted closer to her mother. The man was dressed in black. He was different, a foreigner from another land maybe. He had long orange hair and a crooked nose. His skin was a very light color almost white. His eyes, his eyes were what gave her nightmare for months. They were a blood shot red nothing else just that one color…