• It was like a bizllaion years in the future because it was Final Fantasy and Vaan and Cloud were living together because they were gay and in love. They lived in Zanarkand in the same hotel room and it was a studio apartment which was nice for the time. Cloud was watching Yuna on the TV and she was dancing sexy but Clouds lighthouse was not doing anything cause he was gay and didn't like women but still thought she looked pretty cause she had nice clothes. Then Vaan came out of the shower and was naked and walk over to Cloud watching TV and Cloud saw him and his Lighthouse was happy. "Whatcha watching there sexy guy" said Vaan in a seductive tone. "Just watching TV " Said Cloud, and the they kissed for like 10 minutes.

    Then suddenly a butch of space Nazis attack them and they had to fight them and then they had to destroy there airships and it was hard cause they had like a million of the and it would be hard to blow them up. But they did it and then they had to fight the Super Nazi ship that was bigger than the sky sometimes. But they cut though it and then meet Sephiroth who was a Nazi and he said "you guys are immoral and must day" spoke he. Cloud looked serious and said " Sephiroth you are really gay and secretly what me and Vaan naked and next to you". Sephiroth began to cry and said " You are right my friends" Vaan and Cloud smiled and toke Sephiroth by the hand and they walked home together.

    The next day they went shopping and Vaan bought a bagel and put butter on it and Cloud laugh as he ate it because it was a messy thing to eat, then Cloud bought a CD by Boris cause they rocked, Sephiroth saw the CD and said " Hey that's a cool band can i see it sometime cause there a good band and i would really like to hear them tonight back at your place my best buddy Cloud" "Sure" said Cloud. Then Sephiroth got a cake and said "we can eat cake naked tonight if you want?" Cloud and Vaan smiled and did more shopping for things like paper and micro chips.

    Day passed and Cloud, Vann and Sephiroth hangout and made sweet love until one day.........

    "Hey guys" said Vaan "yeah" said Cloud "I'm pregnant!" said Vaan


    PART 2

    "No his not" said Sephiroth "Yeah that would be stupid" said cloud "Hey lets go get bagels" said Vaan. "HaHaHaHaHa" laughed they all at once.