• There was once a girl named Bridget,she's 18 yrs. old,without parents,with a whore mom that abandoned her since twelve leaving the town with aother guy (now that's a whore), and a dead kind old father (he's murdered)...ok i know her life is a bit up-side-down..now thats the juice of this story,just like a fruit.

    Brit or Bridget grew up all alone,but her friends helped her look for a job and house to rent because before,they're just renting,of course that's why they don't have their own house. (imagine a housewife and a farmer living together...will they be rich? Maybe if the farmer will work well,but life is just so tricky...it won't give you what you really want)To tell you frankly,Brit is already soooo tired of her life..working as a waitress every weekdays and and as a dog walker every weekends. Now that's tiring.

    Brit is also kinda b***h~y coz she flirts with guys in their town (and again,its hard without parents guiding you through the right path). Sometimes girls argue with her because their boyfriends are breaking up with them and will go court Brit. She would just smile and say: "being pretty is hard,you ought to know that"

    Now that's the reason why people call her a b***h. Imagine that?

    Back to Brit's father! Now everybody knows that her father is murdered,he was murdered by Fredo White...Fredo Torres White,to be exact (she found out that pig's middle name when she visited the police office...one of the files above the shelf at the office is about that pig...she know its prhibited to read it but who cares? its about her and her father...no one can change that). Now Brit's mission is to look for that hide-and-seek-addicted-murderer-pig and that PIG's middle name can really help her...know why?


    find out on part two

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