• It was pouring rain, dulling my kitty senses. It was the only reason I hadn't managed to kill him yet. Just as I thought this he reappeared in front of me, wearing the devil's grin.
    "Still can't catch me, Kitten." I lunged at him. My dagger aimed straight for his heart. However, a half-second before my blade reached him, he spun, disappearing in a black cloud.
    "Coward!" I shouted into the darkness. I spun slowly around, searching. There was no sign of him. Had it not been for this accursed rain I would have sniffed him out already. I tilted my head back, momentarily distracted, to glare at the offending thunderheads. He had chosed to fight me here and now for no other reason than he knew I would be unable to track him. He took advantage of my moment of distraction, wrapping his arms around me.
    "You'll have to do better than that, Kitten." Ignoring him, I though my elbo backwards, and met nothing but air. A ghostly chuckle surrounded me.
    "You're beginning to bore my Kitten. You aren't trying enough." His voice had lost its playfullness.
    Suddenly, I found myself through against a tree as he appeared in front of me. My head smacked against the solid oak, pain rippling down my back. Before my vision could clear, he had his finger wrapped around my throat. However, he wasn't squeezing the breath from me yet, in fact, he wasn't applying any pressure at all.
    Realizing this, I tried to struggle. I should have known it wouldn't work. Not releasing my throat, his other hand yanked my smaller, clawed hands above my head and pressed himself so close to me movement was impossible. Sliding the hand wrapped around my throat upward, he turned my face to the side, bearing my throat. He bent closer to me, his face disappearing from view at the base of my throat. Fear struck me as I realized I had no idea what his intentions were. A shiver rang down my spine as his tounge licked a blazing trail up the side of my neck. I fought back a moan. I would not, could not let him know I still wanted him.
    "Let me go!" I growled through my teeth. He pulled away, his electric blue eyes meeting my green cateyes.
    "I will not let him have you." He breathed so low I almost didn't hear him over the thunderous rain. My eyes widened. It could not be. He could not still love me. Not after - no. I would remain in the present. Doing so was the only thing that had kept me going thus far.
    "He will never catch me." Of this I was sure.
    Kaedon didn't respond. Instead, he closed the last few inches between us and kissed me. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew I hsoud not have kissed him back. I didn't care. I had craved nothing but this since that night. The night this had all begun.
    He was the one to break the kiss.
    "I'm sorry." He murmured.
    Just then, I realized three things. First, I was no longer pinned to the tree. Second, his face was completely devoid of emotion, a look that appeard only before he killed. Third, and probably most important, there was a dagger in his right hand. He meant to kill me. I didn't intend to give him the opportunity, however, before I could react he had shoved the dagger into my belly.
    My mouth gaped as the pain seared though me. Tears streamed down my previously soaked cheeks, and a gurggled moan escaped as he shoved the blade further upward. Blood leaked from my mouth, trailing down my chin. I tipped forward, and knew no more.