• Shadowlynn

    As you would think a ninja training school is very like that of a normal school. There are certain times you have to be there and certain times you leave, you eat lunch at that time and have a free period there, but there is a difference between different villages, like Suna and Konoha for instance, in Suna you are trained to complete a mission in anyway possible even if it were to endanger you or your partners life, but in Konoha due to the new Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki, nothing was more valuable than the other people in your cell’s life, nothing, not even a scroll containing the secrets of the other side battle plans. When I moved to the Hidden leaf village with my parents and my brother I was coming fresh from a chunin course at my home village, Suna. My brother was on the border of becoming a Anbu Black ops then my village decided to send me and my family as a liaison for Konoha and Suna. It was all so dull and boring, I mean, there was a girl named Yoshi Uzumaki who of course shared the same views as her father, but she was always trying to see if I was going to do anything wrong, like I was gonna stick a paper bomb into a text book or something. Then there was my next door neighbor, Asumo Inuzuka or something like that and his dog was always chasing my poor kitten, Shadowlynn was a Ninja Cat, yes she is one of the first, when I found her she was sick and in need of a bath, I saved her and in turn she gave me a mark which tied me to her forever. Oh I am Airi Nara from the Nara clan, a very unique clan known for it’s shadow moves, but me now I was a neko-nin as my brother referred to me as. My brother is Shikari Nara, he looks almost exactly like my father Shikamaru Nara, except he got the same blonde hair as my mother Temari, he has got to be the closest thing to a friend I’ll have for a long time, until this stupid liaison mission is over, his use of the shadow justu is almost past those of our fathers, it’s kinda funny because he doesn’t do much training, then again neither do I. My jutsu mostly revolves around my cat, Shadowlynn, we have got a lot of jutsu including forbidden ones and healings it’s a large assortment, but considering that she is black and grows when we go to battle, she is one scary cat. I think that it is time we go to present day, be remember I am a very sarcastic individual and you can’t believe anything I say, anything.
    When I woke up I was staring into a very boring white wall, my whole dang room is white, white walls, a white desk, and I like just the opposite, black, or dark purple, ah now those are colors. “Hey, C’mon wake up Airi!” came a very feline like voice from the floor and Shadowlynn’s black furry face came in front of my head and licked my nose, I jumped, it was cold. “Hey Shadow stop!” and I bolted up almost hitting my head on a hanging light. Shadowlynn jumped up on the bed and yawned licking her paw. “Why did you wake me up?” I asked irritably “Because today is the week of the exams and I wanna go out early so I can get pumped up to kick some leaf butt!” Shadowlynn mewed happily “yeah okay whatever but we gotta be quiet, or else we’ll wake up dad or worse Shikari” I said and flung my feet over the end of the bed and stood stretching and walked to my desk, like I said earlier it was white and I had all of my work on it, it was a mixture of Ninja files and artwork, with some stories mixed in. last night I had been studying the ninja files of my classmate so whoever I got teamed up with I would know their strengths and weaknesses and I could create a strategy and we would make it threw the death forest exercise. I dressed in my usual black vest and black pants, I stuffed my tiny red fan in my left leg pocket and my folded red baton in the other, I would usually wear a purple tank underneath my vest but today all that was clean was my white one, I slipped it over my head, then my prized hat, it was black, like everything else, my uncle, Kankuro had given it too me as something of a humor, it had not bill it looked like what you would call a beanie, and there was to strips of the material hanging on the sides of my face when it was on, and, here’s my uncles sense of humor, cat ears, there were cat ears on the hat. I pulled it over my shoulder length blonde hair and smiled into the mirror, it was a determined smile with a steel as hard as diamonds. I pulled on my shoes and opened my door as quietly as I could, Shadowlynn, blessed with padded paws, ran softly and even more silent than me. On my trip threw my house I went past my parents room and my brothers room all were sleeping, when I left my house I was sure to lock it with the sealing circle my dad had taught me and walked on the road to my school, it was a very nice, scenic, route it made me more awake while it would make most sleepy. I walked past the Inuzuka clan’s house and heard a bark and looked up to the second floor window a brown wolf pup was barking at us threw the window and I hissed, I don’t usually show off the cat part of me but I made an exception for dogs and the owners. We walked on and Shadowlynn couldn’t keep up because of her small legs so she was balanced on my head, people store at us as we walked threw the busier parts of town. When we reached the school I walked in and a group of people looked as I walked to my seat, there was Yoshi her brown hair laying over her shoulders with a blue tank top with a leaf symbol on it, and a ninja skirt in black. Her boyfriend Kokomaru had his long black hair held back in with his leaf headband and in a chunin outfit. Then there was Kohaku Uchiha, she had black hair and was dressed in all pink, it was her favorite color, her sharingan was always on, always. They gave me a disgusted look and Shadowlynn hissed and I laughed as Yoshi gave a sort of surprised yelp and quickly shut up. When I sat down the sensei came in a began to prep us on what would happen later that day, we had taken the written test the day before so we, the advanced class, could have the maximum time to play with the genin, we were chunin basically but the Hokage had put a age limit on when you could become a chunin all of us had one year left to us until then. “All right, this is how it is going to be done, you a permitted to harm the genin only, but you can do what ever you want with the rest and the genin means all genin not just the leaf ones” The Sensei was very clear, don’t harm people below you only above or equal, blah blah blah.