• Blood Staind ~Part 1~

    The rain fell softly upon the window, trailing down and collecting into a small puddle at the bottom. Cold bitter wind pounded upon the stained glass, whistling as it passed. Leila gazed from the window, letting her mind wonder a bit. Thinking of vampires again, wondering if there really are those kind of people out there. Taking in a deep breath she let out a sigh. “If there are vampires out there, I sure as hell wont get to meet one. With my luck, it will be a guy saying he is one, and then… ill get killed!” She walked away from the window and stretched a little. A bright glow came from her computer screen, with a small pop up message. Plopping down in the computer chair she fixed her eyes on the message that her friend sent her. “Leila, Me and Crevan are heading out to the hideout. Come join us and stop fantasizing about vampires. Okaayy?” she chuckled at those last words. They never really understood why she loved vampires so much, but at least they didn’t care. Crevan and Zee were her best friends. They weren’t the mushy type, but they kept her on the right path. “Well, I have nothing better to do. Might as well join em’”. She clicked the “X” on the message, turned the computer off, grabbed her jacket and headed downstairs. Everything was quiet except for the small murmuring coming from the television. Both her parents were gone for a week, not even caring about leaving their daughter behind. Leila didn’t completely like to feel alone, so every once in a while she would turn on the TV or a radio. She grabbed her skeleton gloves, pulled her hood on, and ran out the door in the rain. At the end of her road, by the edge of the woods were two paths. One led deep into the forest, and the other to the secret hideout. Hmmm…I’m sure their probably having more fun without me, and in any case wouldn’t mind if I took a short detour. A walk through the forest when it’s raining seems like a good idea. She thought for a moment, and then calmly started walking to the path that led into the blackened woods.

    Vlad stumbled to the ground, grasping his chest and yelling out in anger. “Damn my insane thirst for blood. It’s going to be the death of me!!!!” he punched a nearby tree, leaving a hand-sized dent. Birds scattered from the limbs, animals scattered and fled with fear. He was all alone, kneeling in the slushy snow, trying to survive. As the wind and rain blew against him, a scent traveled with it. A scent that made his throat burn with fire, and his lust for blood increase. Standing on his feet, he followed the sweet heavenly scent. He knew he was getting closer as the scent became heavier. Soon he could hear footsteps, slowly walking on hard gravel. Hm. I wonder what human could be in the woods when it’s raining? Oh well. It wont matter soon. He or she shall become my victim. This was his last resort. Vlad hated drinking human blood, and unless he really needed it, he would never ask for the life of a human.

    Leila was soaked from head to toe. Her black hair matted against her pale face. She looked straight ahead, trying to make out her path. The rain had picked up rapidly, darting at her like bullets from the sky. Maybe I should turn around and head home. Lost in the woods soaking wet isn’t what I had planned. She thought. There was a faint rustling in the woods to her west. Turning sharply she stared into the blackened trees. It’s just the wind, she tried to calm herself. Just the wind. But as much as she wanted to believe that It was the wind, it wasn’t. Dimly, but surely she could see a tall figure staring straight at her. With eyes glowing bright red, licking his lips with delight. Leila froze in her steps. Her nerves didn’t know what to do. Should she run, or stay? Should she be afraid, or calm? Though her mind on the other hand knew exactly what to do. Run!!! Run idiot, run! Listening intently she picked up her feet and took off. Faster than she had ever ran before, getting pelted and blinded by the rain. Her attacker obviously ran track, cause his a** was right behind her! Pick up the pace. Don’t let him get you! She pushed her legs as fast as they would go. Suddenly there was a sharp pain in the back of her head. Her vision went blurred, muscles went limp, and as she could feel herself falling slowly to the ground, she saw her attacker, grinning wildly, showing off two sharp fangs….