• I'm at Nevada with Alfred, and I walked off to look around the city, looking at the sights it has to offer. I saw Jonathan on the end of the street was walking on leaning, leaning against a pillar. I ran to him and hugged, cheerfully.
    "I missed you, Jonathan! We haven't talked in a while-" I stopped hugging him. "wait, what are you doing here?" Silence came for a moment, then he started to blushed.
    "I knew you were going on vacation here, and once I saw your car leave our neighborhood, I followed you." He replied.
    "Why'd you follow me?" Silence came again, and he didn't answer this time. "oh, I guess I'll get back to Alfred then." I started to turn around, then he stopped me by holding me, tightly.
    "Lauren," He started to say. "I love you." Images of our friendship in 5th grade - 11th grade zoomed through my head in a flash.
    "Jonathan..." I said to myself as Jonathan's thumb touched chin, lifting my head up to look at him, then our lips met. More images of us popped in my head.
    I was running, trying to get out of Alfred's sight to meet with Jonathan at a Cafe. As I ran, the incedent with Jonathan kept flashing through my head. I got to the Cafe, and once I saw Jonathan, those images went in my head.
    "Lauren," Jonathan hugged me. I was blushing so hard. "What happened yesterday was a misunderstanding. I just felt a little down. I'm sorry. I didn't mean any of it. I don't want to be drawn away from Alfred." I let out of Jonathan's grasp, putting my right hand on his left shoulder.
    "It's alright. I know you didn't mean it. It was sudden, though." I accepted.
    "Yeah, I'm sorry." His head went down, his eyes shut tight.
    "Jonathan," He opened his eyes and looked at me, but before he could find out what I needed, I kissed him, the same passionate kiss he gave me. "There. That makes us even." We smiled at each other and sat down in a booth near a window as we chatted.
    Alfred saw the whole thing. While he was trying to find me, he spotted me through the Cafe window kissing Joanthan.
    After our long chat, Jonathan and I had agreed that I needed to get back to Alfred. We both said our good-byes, with Alfred and his friends behind us (we had no clue), and I walked with him around the corner of the Cafe. I was about to turn around when Jonathan trapped me against the wall.
    "Jonathan?" I wondered, blushing that we're too close.
    "Lauren, I meant what I said yesterday. I-I DO love you." He looked pretty serious.
    "Then why'd you tell me that it didn't mean anything?"
    "I didn't want you to feel uncomfortable talking to me." He looked down. I lifted his head up to look at me then put my hand on his face.
    "I WOULD feel uncomfortable, but I would never talk to you any different than I do now." I was about to take my hand off his face when he grabbed it and kissed me once again. This time, it was longer. I couldn't pull away. It's not that he's too strong, which he is; it's that thoughts went through my head about just being friends with him. But aparrently, he doesn't have that thought. My eyes closed shut.
    Jonathan saw my expression and that I was blushing. It surprised him, so he stopped kissing and looked me in the eyes as I started opening them again.
    "Lauren." He said to me.
    "Y-Yes!" I was blushing so hard; I had lost my train of thought.
    "Do you love me?"
    "I-I--" I didn't know answer that. Too sudden. Do I? "Jonathan, I--"
    Meanwhile, while Alfred and is friends try to eavesdrop...
    "She's cheating on you, dude." One of his pals told him.
    "Shh!" Alfred tried to quiet him.
    "Who's there?!" Jonathan yelled out before he kissed me again. Alfred showed himself, his friends right behind him.
    "Alfred?!" I gasped. I looked at the ground, shutting my eyes. I can't believe it! Alfred saw us!
    "Alfred?" Jonathan, confusingly, told himself. Alfred looked disappointed.
    "I was about to say 'She would never do that. I trust her', but I don't know if I do any more." Alfred spoke, replying to his pal's observation.
    "Alfred..." I amazingly started walking away. Jonathan was already walking away from the drama as it is, so I walked with him, crying.
    "Lauren?" Jonathan heard my sniffling then the tears falling from my face. "Lauren?!" He started to hug me.