• The light in the center of the room shone red as the twelve armored legionaries watched it, like it held some secret. The light started to flash green as the heavy harnesses tightened, holding the twelve against the walls while the room shook. As the light flashed the legionaries could all see the room. It was familiar to them, six harnesses on opposite sides were separated by two large doors. Next to their harnesses were their large assualt rifles, strapped tightly in the netted pouches. Tn the center was the light. The blinking green turned solid as the room shook and there was a clatter of it detatching from the battle craft. It fell through the outer layer of the atmosphere and sped up as it neared the surface of Sem.
    With a crash the drop pod hit the ground, crushing a stone fountain. The doors slid open and the twelve ran out into the downpour. Green flashes of Plague plasma-throwers hissed through the rain leaving trails of steam behind. Other legionaries ducked behind sandbags, rubble, and destoyed vehicles, firing their assualt rifles back at the Raiders.
    The Raiders were slightly taller than a human and looked to be made of red rocks. They had hooved feet, a muscular build, burning red eyes, and long curved horns. Covering their skin was thick metal armor which looked to have scars and chunks missing from past battles. In the masses of Raiders there were the occasional Paladin, a humanoid looking creature with blackened scar covered flesh that was covered in black elogent armor. They swung large saw-like swords, each one showed rank by the number of teeth.
    The twelve ran to the closest cover, a battered store. Inside Graves turned to the squad and tossed his cigar to the floor before letting out a puff of gray smoke. "Lex and Zerr lay down cover from the front window. Kilu see if you can get to Bravo squad and check on their status. Jeffrey and Lyi, go with Alik to flank this mob. The rest of you, come with me to take the apartment across the street, we need some higher ground." Wil nodded as the other legionaries ran to their spots.
    Wil was eighteen and just out of training, he signed up thinking he'll get a desk job since the Plague was considered a minor threat that stayed on the planet Wrath. Instead he got sent to a grunt unit once the reports of Plague battle craft started to show up. His whole squad was made up of humans and he felt good that he didn't get stuck with some odd race like Scrapish or something weirder looking. He had brown hair, brown eyes and was pale with no freckles. Wil wasn't very fit and looked like a frightened twig.
    Graves kicked the door open and Wil followed the others outside to the loud cracks of assualt rifles and the hisses of plasma-throwers. A green flash hit the legionary infront of Wil. It ripped through the man's side and spun who Wil now recognized to be Seth, the squad's engineer. The weakened plasma hit Wil right in the chest and knocked him itno the wet street. He blinked a few times and tried to move, but the plasma seemed to have froze the armor temporarily. Graves looked back and kept running for the apartment. "Wil and Seth are KIA keep moving for the apartment.
    There was a scream that sounded like Lyi. The scream was followed by Alik swearing and huffing. "They... hit Lyi.. in the leg... he's wounded, but I can still... carry him." Before Graves could say anything Alik screamed and Jeffrey's voice came on the channel, he sounded like he was running. "Raiders on our flank, they took us by surprise, Alik and Lyi are KIA. I'm heading back to the-" Jeffrey sounded like someone hit him in the gut.
    "Zerr, Lex move up here. Geez that hurts. Kilu hows Bravo?.... Kilu are you there?" Graves sounded like he was badly hurt as he kept asking if Kilu was there. Zerr and Lex ran by Wil, Zerr fell over as a green flas hit him in the arm, but he rolled back onto his feet and kept going, swearing about the pain. Wil blacked out.
    The rain pattered against the helmet visor as Wil opened his eyes. It was darker and quiet. A crashed FC-83 fighter ship was on fire and creating dancing shadows of the ruins. There was grunt as a Raider walked past Wil, it didn't seem to notice him and tapped the plasma-thrower to it's shoulder. Wil held his breath for what seemed like hours as the Raider passed. There was a crack of Longbow Sniper Rifle in the distance and Wil decided he needed to find other Steel Legion troops. He started to lift himself up when two large hands of a Raider grabbed his shoulders and threw him against a wall. It tore off Wil's helmet and gave an ugly smile. Wil was shaking off the shock of being thrown like a rag doll and noticed the bloody and torn remains of Kilu next to him. The Raider's plasma-thrower hummed as it charged and was pressed to Wil's forehead. The Raider gave a growling laugh as Wil squeezed his eyes shut and it pulled the trigger.

    Based off of the RP The Plague