• A Dream Of Death (also its about the Gunners)

    You might all know about Volcaloid you know Miku Hatsune and the others well do you all remember the song called Alice Human Sacrifice well heres something you might one to read about

    There was a dream that a girl had dreamt…. She didn’t relised what kind of dream it was so she started writing and drawing aobut it…. Then suddenly…. The book turned into a life of death….. this was the girls dream of story

    “The girl hold her revolver on her hand as she passed the wickedly old forest leaving a trail of blood”

    “she killed everything who stands in her way then she stepped to a wrong direction which leads to hell”

    “her eyes were glowing red of blood reaching her hand to the moon while the forest started shaping htier hands covering her mouth and pulling her into the dephs of prison”

    “there was a second Death who was a singer a beautiful long brown hair girl who reached her hand with her beautiful sound”

    “the singer instintly went mad and her eyes were crazy while she tooked her knife and slowly cuts her throat”

    “she slowly dies on the floor while the people loved her as she dies slowly fading away to hell”

    “there were two young siblings”

    “the depress sister, and the wise sister”

    “they saw stairs which leads to a door, they quickly ran and opened the door”

    “her wise sister strictly, tightly holding her hand with madness”

    “her depress sisters eyes went crazy and scared like hell”

    “the door opened and their eyes went black and red like the shadows of demons reaching to kill for their feast as they become the beast”

    “there was a smart and intelligent girl who reads the fantasies of books”

    “she went mad drawing, writing and reading then suddenly she reached out her knife slowly raising her hand to her book slicing her wrist while the blood makes the colour of her drawings”

    “she slowly falls to down to the floor while blood flows around her floor”

    That is the tale of the Dream of the girls Deaths. No one knows if its real or not but they do know that the dream was just a nightmare…. Or was it?

    “the book slowly closes as the cold breezing wind turns the page and shows the picture of the young five lovely girls”

    The End!

    Happy Halloween! ^_^