• Indeed, the lights were bright and luminous. The stars flickered like diamonds throughout the dark sky. Cascading mountains gave an eerie shadow to the peculiar lighting, but it subsided after awhile. He needed lighting from the moon to begin. And currently, the moon was being veiled from view by wafting clouds.
    “Damnit!” He cursed under his breath. This had to be done quickly; he hadn’t time for the moons random patterns of light. A moment later, the moon reappeared and the boy scuffled quickly in the dirt. Little signs embedded the ground, followed by intricate patterns and lines. Elaborate symbols seemed to decorate the ground.
    “One for Life… Nourishment, Innocence… Youth, of course, and cant forget Growth…. Hmm, am I forgetting something?..” he murmured to himself, “oh wait… One for Religion, for Era, for Discovery,” Little lines littered the dirt, creating complex patterns impossible to follow, “Hope and Fear…” He paused momentarily, to wipe sweat off his brow and to sharpen his instrument. “ Yes. Yes… Dark, Light, Chaos.... And Love,” He said, and crossed his temple with his forefingers in respect for this imposing combination. In the wrong hands these symbols could cause disaster. He had to hurry.
    Taking out a knife, its sleek lines glimmering in the high rising winds, he slit his thumb cleanly open without even a wincing glance. Blood gushed thickly from his wound, and he let it flow without hesitance. He placed his thumb on the star-shaped pattern he’d made in the center of the earth and gave the cry, “Lande, Mah kay Yu!”
    Suddenly, the ground flickered, and a massive light beamed from the earth, casting the boy in shadows.
    “My debt has been finally been repaid,” he said, tears welling in his eyes. The tear gently dropped to the ground and gathered like a beautiful dew. The boy smiled gently. Soon, he was dappled with light from head to toe, and he rose swiftly from the ground.
    Black lines swirled around his vision, and he let them overtake his body into a deep unconscious sleep. The sky swirled with iridescent colors, and formed itself into a single silvery beam. The boy’s body convulsed and collapsed over itself. It was a painless death, one worth remembering in the town’s eyes. And in the final moments, the ground was left with an entire new message. It read, in dark crimson letters, “ Beware the Signa”.