• Katlynn: Lacey! Wake up!
    Lacey(hiding her face under the covers): I'd rather not... You know how I hate the sun.
    Katlynn: Ma's making breakfast
    Lacey: So what?
    Katlynn(sighing): Fine, I'll eat breakfast! You starve!
    Lacey: K, Bye! (rolls over)
    Katlynn: (snorts and leaves)

    Lacey pulls the covers off herself and reveals that she's already dressed in her brown, baggy, boy-shorts, black tanktop, green flannel sweatshirt with the sleeves rolled up, and black and white skater shoes. She put on her black knit hat and grabs her skateboard. She quickly jumps out her bedroom window and runs for the skate park. When she arrives, She sees her friends, Tech, Jake, and Morgan.)

    Jake: Hey, Lace! Take you long enough?
    Lacey: Could've took me longer if I was my sister!
    Morgan(rolling her eyes): YOUR sister! I can't stand her!
    Tech(rolling up in his skateboard nest to morgan): Hey, who cares about Katlynn...
    Jake: Besides you?
    Tech: Shut up, Jake! Anyways, Dude, There's this MAJOR party at Hannah's house this weekend and she invited me and said I can bring whoever I want, sooo...
    Lacey: We're all able to go?
    Tech(Nodding): Yup! And I get to bring a date!
    Morgan(sighing): And you're gunna ask Katlynn and get rejected again?
    Lacey and Jake(Laughing): Tech, you have no chance with her!
    Tech(snorts): Well, Are you guys in or not?!
    Lacey: I'm in!
    Morgan: Well, You knwo me! Of course!
    Jake: Why the hell not!
    Tech(smiling): Good, Because it's tonight at 7! So be ready or I'm leaving your asses at home! Hey, Lace... For me, Will you-
    Lacey: Yeah, I'll ask Katlynn for you!
    Tech: Thanks!
    Morgan(skating away): Have fun getting rejected!
    Jake: Well, I'm not gunna ask anyone. I don't really like any of the girls in our school.
    Tech: I bet you like Davey, Then!
    Jake: Shut up! I don't like guys either!
    Tech(Walking towards the exit): Okay, Jake! See you guys tonight!
    Lacey(waving): See ya. Yeah, me niether. I don't like any of the guys OR GIRLS in this school.
    Jake: Right! Well, I should go home and get ready.
    Lacey(laughing): Okay, you "Get ready" I'll be hangin with Morgan! See you tonight!
    Jake(Grabbing his keys from his pocket): See you!
    (Jake leaves and Lacey walks up to Morgan who is sitting on the top of a ramp.)
    Lacey: What's up, Morgan?
    Morgan: Tech! He totally doesn't realize that I could be with him!
    Lacey: I'm sorry, Morg. I can't do much. Hey, Atleast you're not all alone in the land of forever!
    Morgan(smiling): Yeah. I gotta go look stunning for Tech! See ya!
    (Morgan leaves and Lacey walks home. The only one of the gang who doesn't own a car.)

    (It's 7 o'clock and Tech picks everyone up. They're at the party and everyone's having fun.)

    Morgan: Hey, Tech! How was your rejection?
    Tech(sadly sighing): Well, Morgan, I can't say it went great.
    Morgan: Well, Atleast oyur crush doesn't rub their crush in your face.
    Tech: What do you mean?...

    Lacey: We should've crashed this party instead of coming to it!
    Jake: Their playing crappy music.
    Lacey(nodding): Yeah! I totally agree!
    Jake(looking out the doorway): Hey, Lace, That guys giving you "looks."
    Lacey(snapping her head out the dorrway): EWWW! NOT BROCK!
    Jake(laughing): You want me to go talk to him?
    Lacey: Oh, pleeeeeease! He's gross!
    Jake: Okay, be right back@(Jake leaves and Lacey stands alone.)

    Morgan: Well, my crush totally has this GIANT crush on this girl I HATE and he rubs it in my face everyday saying he's gunna ask her out, but she just rejects him and hurts him and I hate seeing him like that.
    Tech(brushing Morgan's hair out of her face): I'm sorry I do that.
    Morgan(blushing): How'd you know it was you?
    Tech: I had a feeling.
    (Tech kisses Morgan and the both smile as they both felt a little spark.)

    Jake(running into the kitchen, rejoining Lacey): Oh my God! Lace, Lace!!
    Lacey(paniced): What?! What happened?
    Jake: Tech just kissed Morgan!
    Lacey(punching Jake's arm): Don't worry me like that!....Awwwh, Really? That's cute!
    Jake(rolling his eyes): God, I hate when your inner girl comes out! (laughs) But sometimes it's cute. By the way, Brock says he's not gunna stop trying!
    Lacey: Great now I have a stalker......Wait! What did you say?
    Jake: Your girl side is sometimes cute..??
    Lacey: Oh really?
    Jake(nodding): Sometimes...
    (Tech and Morgan walk in holding hands.)
    Jake: *Ehem*.... Well, you guys are together, now, huh?
    Tech: Well, Duh, Jake!
    Morgan(smiling): Yeah, we are!
    Lacey(hiding her face in her hair): Awwh! Isn't that cute!
    Jake: Girl side!
    Lacey(blushing): yeah, Well, It's cute!
    Morgan: Uhmm, Lace..... Come talk to me.
    (Lacey and Morgan go into the bathroom)
    Morgan: Oh my God, Are YOU two dating?
    Lacey: What? No! He just think my girl side is cute sometimes.
    Morgan: Really? Wow. Well, Let's get back!

    (The next day at school.....)

    Jake(sitting down with Morgan, Lacey, and Tech): God, this lunch isn't HALF as edible as it looks!
    Morgan(holding Tech's hand): Yeah, Well, I've never tasted it, So, I wouldn't know!
    Lacey: Same here.
    Morgan(staring at Lacey): What's wrong, Lace?
    Lacey(looking up from her luch tray): Nothing. What would be wrong?
    Jake: You look confused or sad... or both!
    Lacey: No. Not either. I'm perfectly fine!
    Tech: We know better, Lace. What's up?
    Lacey: Nothing! Stop pestering me, Tech, Or there's gunna be hell to pay!
    Tech: Sorry! We just care all too much.
    (Lacey looks up at everyone staring at her.)
    Morgan: Lace....?
    Lacey: I'm fine. (looks at jake) Just something I've been thinking about alot.
    (Lacey gets up and leaves. Jake stares at the empty seat next to him.)
    Tech: There's something wrong.
    Morgan: I know her better!......Jake? What's wrong with Jake, now?
    Tech: Jacob?!
    (Jake speeds away from the table and catches up with Lacey at her locker.)
    Lacey(fake smiling): Hey Jake, What's up?
    Jake: I need to find somehting out, here, K? Hold still!
    (Jake bends down a little and kisses Lacey on the lips. Jake and Lacey felt something.... It's just...)
    Jake(studdering and blushing): I....I....I didn't feel anything.... Sorry!
    Lacey: Oh.... Me niether.
    (Lacey grabs Jake's sweater sleeve and pulls him back to look at him. She gets on her tiptoes and kisses Jake herself.)
    Lacey: Stop lying. You felt something.
    Jake: I Admit it! I did! It's just, Lacey.... You're better than me and deserve better!
    Jake: You mean this, now. I don't want me to be the mistake of your life.
    Lacey(smiling): Never.
    Jake: So, Lacey, Will you go out with me?
    Lacey: Of course

    TO BE CTD.