• Long ago, there was a white wizard named Zenil, he helped people, he saved many but then....... The evilest of all, the great deciever, Satan came to him in a dream. He said to Zenil: I shall give you the whole of Mystice if you obey me. Zenil, power hungry and greedy he accepted and sold his soul, he quickly summoned armies of demons and other foul beasts to enslave the entire Mystrian Race. But many stood up against him, this is the story of the brave white wizard Xhalite and his friends.......

    I'm Xhalite, and I am The White Wizard of Earth. I am 15, I just graduated Phionite school and now I am ready with more magical ability then ever. I live in Port Nu, Nunga on a planet called Mystice. I have long brownish black hair and I wear a green shirt with black trim and blue jeans. My skin is light, my eyes are green. My friends Kathruio & Jeyheu are here to help me on my journey, wherever it may lead. My ultimate goal is to defeat Zenil and save Mystice from his evil reign.

    "Xhalite, what are you doing??" asked Kathruio as she came in my room.

    "Writing, " I responded.

    "Well get ready, I hear Zenil's army will arrive at the gates of Nunga soon, " she quickly answered.

    Oh great, I thought, now I have to fight alot AGAIN. I wish this stuff would stop, but I must save Mystice and my homeland Nunga! A while later we arrive at the gates of Nunga near the river of quicksand, our natural defence, except alot of demons can get threw that.....(Port Nu is close to the border of Nunga). Jeyheu is there and so is Kathruio.

    "Well Kathy, you look....nice," I commented.

    "Thank you, it's my new armor," Kathruio replied.

    Let me take a moment to explain Kathruio, my best friend. She and I have been threw alot and I feel like.....I love her. But that's beside the point. Kathy, as me and Jeyheu call her, is a nice girl with a pretty face. She has long orange hair, sea blue eyes, a nice smile, and a good additude. Her skin is fair and she wears a blue tank top and blue jeans. She likes blue because her element is water. Today she was wearing a brassard(one arm armor) over her left arm, in her right hand she held her sword Lessatono. Oh, and what's cool is that she is a captain of a ship in The Nungian Navy.

    Jeyheu looked over at me,he has tan skin and he has long blonde hair which covers his eyes when he is still and has a necklace shaped like a lightning bolt. He wears all grey.

    "What's up Xhalite? Are you ready?" He asked me.

    "Yes, I've done this many times before, I am sure I can do this!" I said with confidence.

    On the horizon we could see a line of black, the sky behind it was dark and there were faint glows of blood red color and we could hear shrieks of demonic noise...............To be continued.