• I used to have such a perfect life. I was popular, rich, wanted at school, and smart. I was an only child and my parents loved me to death. But my life got weird when i turned 13. I had dreams. Nightmares. Now, I'm 16 and my dreams have gotten worse. Last night my dream was of a girl. She looked 19. This girl was dressed in a black and white dress covered in lace. What was weird about her is that she had crow wings. This crow-girl lay in a coffin. Then the image changed. It was a women running from something. She looked really scared. My last image was of my parents laying of the floor, the girl with wings standing over them and smiling. My mother's whiny voice woke me up. "Alicia! Please get down here!" I jumped out of my bed and yanked a brush through my wavy brown hair. "Coming!" I shouted. I noticed that i was sweating. Great.... I thought.
    "Sweetie, are you okay?" my mother asked. I can see why she asked me. I looked like a monster! My hair was still knotted and clothes damp with sweat. "I..... I was just working out." I lied. "Mother, can i go to the mall with Katy since its Saturday?" I asked. Whenever i felt down shopping cheered me up. "Sure! Go! Have fun! I'll be at your father's office in till 12:00" she giggled. Oh. How I loved my mother. She always let me do anything.
    At the mall I sat down with Katy to rank about my creepy dreams. "Wow. Alicia, you might wanna go to the doctors," Katy said. My friend of all time and was also the sterotype blonde. "I don't know. I'm afraid to tell my parents." I said. "Fine. But its been 3 years! When your parents have to take you away to the madhouse, think about what I said!" Katy smirked. She licked her strawberry ice cream. I munched on my chocolate ice cream. I suddenly felt the weirdest feeling. The feeling of being stalked. I looked around and around. "What? Spot a hottie?" Katy asked. "No.... like some one is watching me!" I answered. I was getting freaked out. When I was at school there was eyes on me but they felt good. Like i was the president! Now, I feel weird. Like a freak show. "I think i'm going home!" I said. "Alright! call you later." Katy said. I got up, smoothed my skirt and threw out the dairy.
    I was right at the entrace/ exit of the mall when a bloodcurdling wail rang out. I knew that voice. It was Katy!