• Prologue

    It was a dark night; a lone white wolf was running through the dark forest carrying two bundles of fur. She had come a long way from her kingdom and was very fatigued, for it was a long road and many had attacked her on her journey to save her pups from the evil king, but now was nearing her destination. Her name was Shera; then suddenly she came to a stop in a moonlit meadow. She looks around cautiously and walks to the center of the clearing. “I was expecting you.” said a voice in the darkness. “Don’t sneak up on me like that Skorl!!! You already know how nervous I am!!” whispered Shera. “I know. But you shouldn’t be here you know the king’s minions will be here soon. And if they see you here they will kill you!!!” said Skorl as he stepped out of the darkness. He was a hansome gray wolf with knowing blue eyes. “I know the risk, but I need you to keep them safe, it’s not safe in the city anymore! Please take them to my sister Kaira please!!” “But do you not know the legend that was foretold of your pups?” questioned Skorl as he looked at the small sleeping pups “yes I do. And that is why you need to take them; the sake of Raia is in their paws.” Replied Shera “you know he will still send others to come and kill you even if you don’t have the pups any more.” Said Skorl “Yes... I also know that. But… hm?” Shera paused to sniff the air “What is it?” asked Skorl “It’s them!!!! They’re here!!!” yelped Shera with terror in her eyes “Quickly!! You must take the pups and leave now!!!” Screamed Shera “But I can’t leave you here!” yelled Skorl “No just go!” yelled Shera and Skorl reluctantly picked up the two bundles and ran into the brush. After Skorl ran a distance, he set the bundles down and looked over the two pups. One was a snowy white with black stripes and the other was as dark as the darkness itself but had white stripes. “Oh Edrisa and Kieren, What will I ever do with you…” Whispered Skorl and as he picked them up and as he left, he heard a chilling howl from behind him.