• It is dawn and light shines on a young man named Kazuma Shindo, he awakes not knowing that today would change his life forever.
    Running late as usual kazuma, who said that replied kazuma, it’s me tenchi. Hey what’s up tenchi where’s, before kazuma could finish what he was saying he heard someone saying, no need to fear the kenshin man is here!. Hey guys you running late too, we weren’t until you stopped us with one of your entrances, you guys know you love my entrances. Let’s get moving or you know who will kill us (the one thing they fear the must is their friend Raika jimbe), come on guy’s we better get moving or were toast.
    As they arrived at school they went their separate way’s and headed for class, when they made it to their classes they were all yelled by their respective teacher’s. Time felt like it was taking forever, so each one felt like the other’s were about to make a brake for it, so they each gave their teacher an excuse to leave and it as usual worked like a charm. They knew that when ever they sneak out of class they are suppose to meet on the school roof.
    So they you are said kazuma to his friend’s tenchi and kenshin, yo I see you were able to make it out as well, I’m surprised that you made it out tenchi you usually don’t give good excussess, ya i know but for some reason it was quite easy today like I was able to think clearly today replied tenchi.
    As they relaxed they fealt like they were missing something but they just couldn’t figure it out. Oh boy I just remembered what we forgot or should I say who we forgot said kenshin, we better go get her before she kills us replied kazuma, when all of the sudden tenchi was hit on his head, !what the hell! Who did that as he rose from the ground and turned around to attack who ever hit him but was surprise d when he saw raika. Jeeze did you have to do that raika, ya she replied, you knew you were to get me when you guys were going to sneak out of class. I know but we kinda forgot said kazuma, ya we were going to get you now replied kenshin, ya ya but from what I heard from sakura you guys were up here for like twenty minutes some friend’s you are.
    So guy’s do you feel like something’s wrong asked raika. Now that you mention it something has been bothering me but I can’t quit put my finger on it replied kenshin, you guy’s really are dense, what are you talking about kazuma. It’s been three months since the accident. Oh ya replied tenchi, the accident that took Kia asaka.

    Has anyone notice that our birth marks have been glowing, I thought it was just me replied kazuma. The other day while i was walking around the area where Kia disappeared my mark would start glowing and it would start spinning in a circle, last time I checked birth marks aren’t suppose to move like that replied tenchi. I don’t know about you guy but I’m tired of this I’m going to find out what really happened that day, you know we got your back said kenshin, come on you know what ever you got planned I’m always in replied tenchi. Are you in raika asked kazuma, I know you got something planned that’s crazy as hell but I’m in.

    Begin collecting supplies for the trip we don’t know how long it’s going take so bring enough to last a while. What are we going to tell our parents asked raika, look we have our vacation coming up so we’ll just tell them were going on a camping trip so they wont get worried ok is that ok with you raika, yes I guess that will do.

    But un-known to the group their parents were already preparing for their departure, for their parents were not actually their birth parents. 18 years ago a group of child hood friends were out on a camping trip when they came across five baskets holding five baby’s with an odd mark on each one of their hands, and a note saying please take care of these children for they will be needed when they become of age. But the oddest thing was the weapons and jewels that were placed next to each of the baskets.
    They decided to head for kazuma’s house so they can get everything ready. As they entered the house they were greeted with a big surprise all of their parents were waiting for them. What are all of you doing here asked kenshin. We were waiting for all of you to arrive, well were all here so what’s up, you kids better sit down we have something to tell all of you. Can it wait, we’re kind of busy, no replied tenchi’s mother, this can’t wait it has to do with all of you plus kia.
    They all sat down in the living room, they all sat silent while raika and her mother made tea. Ok everyone be careful the tea is hot. For several un-easy minutes everyone just sat there drinking their tea, ok what’s going on are you guys gonna start talking or what, and what do you mean this has to do with kia?. We believe that kia is alive but we wont be able to find him, we believe it’s your job to find him. Why do you say that asked kenshin, because we aren’t your real parents and we believe you are not even from this world.
    Everyone just sat in complete silence as they try to comprehend what they just heard. Why would you say that dad, because it’s the truth , Let me explain 18 years ago we were having a camping trip and we went to our usual spot and then we came across five basket’s that held five little babies in them. Ok fine you found us in the woods but why would you say we’re not from this world? That’s where it gets a little complicated, at first we just thought you all were just left there but then we notice that you all had odd birth marks and each one of you were wearing these jewels around your necks and that wasn’t even the strangest part.
    Beside’s the jewels and five kids in the wood’s exactly what was the weirdest part asked tenchi. That would be the five weapons that we found laying next to each one of you. Wait a second you found weapons next to us, yes replied kazuma’s father. Ok so where are these weapons you are talking about, we would bring them up here but we can’t exactly pick them up. What do you mean you guys can’t pick them up, let’s go to the basement we have them hidden down there. As they headed into the basement they felt something odd as if something was calling to them. Here they are so what’s wrong with them they don’t look to heavy.
    Kenshin approached the ax that’s was as tall as he was and picked it up as if it were no heavier then a regular ax. Ok that’s weird it’s so big yet it feels like it way’s nothing. After seeing kenshin with his weapon they each approached a weapons somehow feeling it belonged to them. Raika approached a weapon it was shaped like a large round sword, kazuma approached a sword that was as large and wide as he was but he picked it up as if he were lifting apart of him-self. Now it was time for tenchi to pick up his weapon it was bow and a quiver filled with glowing arrow’s, ok i don’t see anything odd about these weapons, just as I thought you guy’s were able to pick up these weapons and not hurt yourself.
    Of course they are very light given how big they are, it nearly took all of us to pick up a single one of those weapons. You guys must be weak if you couldn’t pick up a single one of these tenchi said jokingly, ok kenshin do me a favor drop your ax asked tenchi’s father, when kenshin dropped his ax a loud bang was heard and dust was all that could be seen. Ok what the hell is going on here? I told you it was very weird. So grab your stuff and there is one more thing we need to show you in the woods.
    It took at least thirty minutes to get to the part of the woods where they found the children and it was a long un-easy drive. So is it going to be much longer before we get there, not much longer now We’re here everyone out of the cars and don’t forget your stuff. So what’s up with those big bags, it’s carrying some stuff you guy’s are going to need.
    As they approached an open area of woods they notice that it looked like there was a battle. Do you guys remember this place at all, no replied raika. What happened here asked tenchi, this is where we found you kids. Ok so this is where you found us but why did you bring us here. We brought you here to help you begin your journey, what do you mean help us. This is where we found you and this is where we discovered that you kids weren’t exactly normal, this damaged was caused by you guys. Wait a minute, your saying we caused this damaged.
    What are you talking about, how could we have done this much damage we were just babies. Remember back in the basement when you picked up your weapons, ya but what does that have to do with this. Everything, listen you could pick up those weapons when you were just babies, when we tried to pickup those weapons of yours you guys started crying so we just left them on the ground but when we let you out of the baskets you picked up your weapons and just started swinging them around like they were toys.
    Ok so you’re telling me that we caused this much damage as children and you haven’t told us until now. We had to wait until the time was right and also we had to tell because we had a feeling that you guy’s were going to start looking for kia because you guys felt like he was still alive. Kazuma come with me, how can I help you Mr. Himora, I need you to take kia’s weapon to him when you find him, ok so where is it? It’s in my car. I’d take it out for you but well you already know, oh ya I forgot. As Mr. Himora removed the blanket that was covering it kazuma saw very large hammer type weapon.
    So this belongs to kia, yes he really enjoyed it when he picked it up for some reason he seamed the must focused but of course he just started laughing when he started swinging that thing. I swear it mr.himora he will get this when we find him, I know I can trust you also please tell him that we miss him very much, no problem.
    We better get back to the other Mr.himora right let’s go. They decided to have a camp out before they began their journey the next morning. So who’s got the food asked kenshin feeling that it was getting to quiet, over here we got some hotdogs and some hamburgers, alright let’s do this then. An hour has gone by and they decide to check all of their stuff to make sure everything was ready to go.
    Day breaks and everyone is beginning to awaken, good morning raika, good morning kazuma, do you two need a little alone time said tenchi. Very funny replied kazuma, are the other’s awake yet ya their starting to wake up over here replied kenshin. Hey guys i guess your ready to go then, ya the sooner we get going the better. Kazuma come here for a minute I need to talk to you for a second, is everything ok dad ya but I suggest you guys get going now before the others get up it will be to hard for everyone to say goodbye. Ok we got everything over here anyway so we can get going, take care of the others it pretty much look ‘s like you’re their leader so be careful, ok father I wont let you down ok enough of this sappy stuff you better get going.
    So the group left with out a word, why did we leave without saying goodbye to our parent’s asked raika because it would have been to hard to say goodbye to them we have no idea what we’re getting ourselves into so it was better if we didn’t get a chance to re-think our plan. Does anyone know where to go asked tenchi, ya replied kazuma my father told me to look towards the river, why did he say that asked kenshin because he said when they found us here all those years ago he saw a weird mirror there but he couldn’t figure out why he didn’t see him-self in it and when he tried to move it but it wouldn’t move an inch.
    An hour went by when all of the sudden raika called to the others, look over there guys I think we found it. They rushed over to it and saw the strange mirror and they noticed they couldn’t see them selves in it. I believe this is it but I think we should look around for another just in case, enough joking around kenshin this is it and we need to get going. Ok ok jeeze just trying to lighten the mood. Is everyone ready to go “yes” everyone replied so from the looks of it there’s a river there so if we get separated for any reason we’re to follow it down stream and no lounging around tenchi. Everyone stepped through and there was a blinding light and they felt them selves being pulled through a long hot tunnel.
    Whoa what just happened, hey where is everyone asked kazuma. Kenshin,raika,tenchi where are you guys. Kazuma began looking for his friend’s but he was having trouble when he remembered that they are to follow the river down-stream. I guess I’ll start looking over there, half an hour later and he still could not find his friend’s when all of the sudden he saw a cottage with smoke coming out of the chimney. He knocked on the door but there was no answer so he opened the door and to his surprise he saw the others laying down sleeping.
    Guy’s come on wake up what’s wrong with you guys. When all of the sudden he hears the door being opened and like it was natural he grabbed his sword and swung around only to drop it when he noticed that it was none other then kia standing in the doorway.
    Kia is that really you? Well last time I checked it was. So I see that you have something for me, what do you mean, I mean my weapon of course what else would I be talking about. So i guess my father was holding on to that for me, ya but how did you know? Well I’ve been here a while so I had time to find out what the is going on and my friend your in for a long confusing tale but it will have to wait until the others wake up. Oh by the way do you have my crystal to I need it to unlock the next part of my training, of course ,wait a second what do you mean training, don’t worry yours and the others training starts tomorrow as-well.