• I was 5 years old and i am now 13 but my first memory is a terrible one.

    It was my fifth birthday and i was out with my babysitter taking a walk when for no reason at all my sitter turned on me, bound my wrists, legs, feet and taped my mouth shut. When i looked up at her i saw that she looked mad at me so i looked away knowing how violent Violet could get when angry. As we rounded the corner i heard my moms voice, she was pleading for something, i wanted to go see her but Violet held me back. As we came up the cliff we had been climbing i saw my mother her hands bound talking to the blond man i recognized as Violet's brother, she was close to the edge off the cliff overhanging the ocean.

    "Did you get him?" Peter asked.
    "Right here," she said pulling me to her front.
    "Excellent," he said and smiled.
    It now occurs to me that i should have been afraid, but i knew no better at five and was merely curious. I saw Peter lift up what i now know was a gun but then thought was a toy or a stick.
    "Is he watching?" Peter asked.
    Violet held my eyes open and said, "He is now."

    I watching in curiosity as Peter lifted up the gun pointed it at my mother and pulled the trigger. I saw her fly up as if she had been pulled up by strings and scream as red spurted from her neck. It was a high keening scream and it was as sharp as a whistle, so sharp it hurt my ears. She stayed up for what seemed like hours and then crumpled at Peter's feet like a rag doll. He kicked her in contempt and watched her fall head over heels into the ocean.

    "Now for the twerp" he said and pulled the gun on me.

    By some instinct my hands flew up to my face to protect it and so i survived but alas, my arms didn't. When i fall asleep i can still hear my mother's screams as she died and always feel the self-punishment of doing nothing to save her until she dies Violet will feel my wrath, so watch out Violet I'm coming for you.