• It was a warm day on the beach; our bare feet left evidence of our prescience, soon to be washed away by the warm tide. My hand was gently intertwined with his, skin against skin, white against brown. He looked over at me and smiled, touching his free hand to my cheek, running his thumb across my skin. I couldn’t help but let a loving smile escape my lips and fill my face with the loving stare that could only ever be caused by him.
    He pulled me towards him by our entwined fingers, wrapping his arm around my shoulders and holding me close to him. I laid my head onto his shoulder, I could smell the scent that only he could carry, and it entranced me and pulled me closer. I looked up into his beautiful deep brown eyes, seeing only love, his eyes reflecting the exact emotions that I was feeling. Could it be that two people could be so closely tied together by emotions and fate that they could be feeling the exact same emotions that dwelled in the person they so desperately wished to be with? My question was answered by my own heart whispering that I already knew the answer.
    I heard his voice murmuring sweet nothings into my ear with his rich baritone voice, felt his warm breath on the side of my face and his voice deepening as he switched his language to his native tongue. “Cosita Linda mi niña preciosa, mi gringita linda, guaguita, mi niña hermosa. Te amo mi amor, mi vida, corazón, cariño.” I felt my heart stutter as my cheeks began warming and flushing with color. He smiled into my skin and kissed the tip of my ear softly, still running his warm thumb across my face. The oceans breeze swept up, blowing my light hair into my face, along with lifting his dark hair into the wind. Our hair mixed together, dark with light, blonde with black, Chilean boys with United States girl. In that instance, I knew we were meant to be together, our bodies pressed together on that beach in South America; something inside screamed at me to never allow him to let me go.
    The wind died down as our feet were surrounded by the incoming tide. He didn’t seem to notice as he continued holding me close to him, his arm around my back, both of my hands holding his. The entire world was against us, telling us it couldn’t work out. Over 6000 miles apart, why should they think it could? Only we could determine if after I went home if we could last until he was able to receive entrance to my home state to marry me, but in that moment, I couldn’t help but feel that everything would work out to our advantage. I loved him as he loved me. Everything would be ok; we would prevail. A seagull sounded in the distance, followed by the crashing of the waves against our two bodies which at that moment felt like one. Our hearts forever entwined in that moment, forever together as one.