ALL kids say one day there grow up and be happy and have good life because there moms and dads said so ....
    but in relly life it's not like that at all and this is why

    one day a girl and all of her family were at her grandma and grandpa home and then were was a fight it look like horror movie going on the girl and her 2 sis went to her grandma room and they cry no one new how hard it is to now all of your family did't like each other no more like hate each other more then life it self .......

    at 13 to 19 all kids know want life is
    at 1 to 12 all kids don't no why is that is it because moms and dads love them to much
    at 20 to 100 all moms and dads know what the relly world is like
    i know that win i was 3 my mom did't care about me at all
    life is hell
    but if you have good friends in your life you well may be
    be happy at least for little bit

    so how is life to you??