• So here I am sitting next Axel as he tries to explain the history about Orginization XII

    "Huh?" said Axel tilting his head "I really don't know...it's ben so long know,sorry Mimi"

    "That's alright Axel"I said laughing "I can just get too curious"

    "Yeah I see that hey look it's Zeion!"he said smugly

    "Huh?"I said looking in evey direction "WHERE?!"Axel laughed

    "Girl your easy to fool!!!"said Axel laughing his pan-coat off.

    "Shut up!!"I growled.I thought and thought and grew more and more curious if Zeion felt the same way.He was silent and loved to read,and had amazing blue hair (whitch i love SO much rl and gaia)But me?I'm a girl with white hair,short and the newest to the orginization.

    "Hey Zeion" said Axel.

    "Oh no!You're not fool-huh"I looked next to me "Oh-uh-h-hi Zeion!" I waved sheepishly,I'm such a dunce....He smiled at me and I looked away and smiled.

    "Where's Roxas?"I asked Axel

    "Oh what your fallin' for him too?!"he asked surprised


    "Oh well i don't know.."said Axel.Axel was on my last nerve.

    "I'm out of here,Axel your being worst than Deymx"I said picking up my book and walking away.I liked the way Twilight Town looked at night.They way the fireflies danced showing lightbulbs of tiny light.And the smell of bread as I walked pass the small markets..

    "I wonder where I can find a moogle for something"I thought to myself But it was proboly too late so I went to the station,sat on the edge of the steps leading in and read a nice quiet book then stared into the stary night....