• Harley Quinn
    Harleen Quinzell, My old Identity.. It seems like a non egcistant ghost haunting my soul.. Why have I made these mistakes? For Fame? For my sheer desperation to be admired? No! I do it for something bigger.. Something better.. Love, thogh it seems to have turned around and bit me in the Harlequin a**!
    The 'Love' that seducted me into the Joker's Line of Hench-people has changed my life into (pardon my pun) a circus.. And following the events of my life I now realise that this is not Funny anymore! The lives of these people are not a joke.. maybe it's time for me to hang my mask. Life is not getting any easier I just seem to continue to plumet.. my life is treated as useless and I am now compared form a criminal mastermind such as Catwoman, or Poison Ivy.. to a hench-girl
    Arkham's wall's always seem to become more and more chlosterphoic I find it harder and harder to breathe on the inside, but on the outside I protray this happy little girl..
    What do I expect? To be a doctor again? No, I don't want my old life back.. from living a life like this to going back would be to different.. to dangerous for myself and for others.. So now as I fall down one of Gotham's highest building's I decide that I don't care if I live.. yet still I scream, waving my hands praying that his pale white hands to emerge and pull me to safety but everytime it's always the one I attempt to kill Batman.. My obsession with Joker now unveils itself to be a cry for attention with two male figures who will always give it to me..
    They may lock me in Arkham again.. Though I will finally understand.. and now there will be no nice cute Harley Quinn but one almost as '********' as the Joker.. So beware Citizens of Gotham this is not the last you will hear of me

    Harley Quinn