• It was the day of the field trip, and I was so excited. Out of a thousand and fifty-six people, I was one of the ten people who were randomly chosen to go. We where going to the valley of fire. I loved it there. I was watching a lizard try and fight off a hawk, when the teachers and students walked off without me. I didnt notice them leaving until they were finally gone. I wasnt really scared since i knew they would come back for me. i just sat on a rock and shut my eyes. when i opened them, everything seemed a blurr. I heard someone calling my name, but i couldnt make out the voice. it was a female. I finally saw her, but she wasnt part of my class. she didnt even look human. she had light skin and short blond hair. i got an even closer look at her, and found she was wearing a halo, and had angel wings. i trying backing up, but tripped over a rock.she grabbed my hand and pulled me up. "so you must be this stormy sims i've heard so much about." she said with a smirk on her face. "well i got good news for you, you get to finally leave." she stated. "what do you mean leave?" i asked tilting my head a little. "i mean you get to leave this world." she replied. "You mean die!?" I yelled shocked. "yep" she happily answered. "but why? i mean im very young, is this for the good of the world, or something like that?" i was freaking out. "no, its for your own good. we are taking you out of this hell, and placing you in a better place." she smiled. "im going to heaven?" i asked. " no, heaven is a place for most humans, but your the first to get to go to a special place. it's better than heaven, there are no other people there, just demons." "wait, if im the only one going there, then ill never see any of my friends ever again." i stated. "so?" she asked. "so, then ill be pretty much a loner up there, so no thanks i dont want to die now, even if that means im not going to an awesome place when i do die." i crossed my arms. "look, stormy, you cant say no to this. weve already decided to send you there so that's where your going, and your never coming back ever again. you are going this week, even if we have to force you into death!" she yelled. suddenly she vanished before i could say another word.a dogtag appeared on my neck. it said: stormy raven sims 1996-2009 rest in peace. tears fell from my eyes, when i heard other people calling my name. the voices sounded familar. they were the teachers. the very next day, i walked to school all alone. once i got there, all my friends ran up to me, and started asking questions. i just walked away saying nothing. how was i to tell them thati was going to die, never being able to see them again. i walked to my first hour class. the girl's words raced through my mind, as tears swelled up. i started crying all over again. the teacher saw me and asked what's wrong. i jumped up and ran to the bathroom. my heart started aching. 'oh no, im having a heart attack' i thought, 'this is how im gonna die' i fell onto the ground and closed my eyes. when i opened them, i found that i was in the nurse's office. "w-what happened?" i asked. " you fell unconcious, probably from to much stress." the nurse replied. "you better get to third hour." she then said. i got up and ran to my third hour class. i gave the teacher a pass, and quietly sat down. "we have a new seating chart." 'be prepared to take me off it' i thought. she was calling out names and placing them in different seats. when she finally got to me, i blushed eight shades of red, because of who i sat next to. it was jake. he was a tall, dark hair boy with blue eyes. only a few people knew that i liked him, though. he turned to me and asked, " could i barrow a piece of paper?" i polietly replied," yes." once i gave him the paper. my heart started aching again, but i just ignored it, because it wasnt the type of aching i had before, it was the usal crushed heart type of aching i always have when im around him. he suddenly gave the paper back to me with it all folded up. i opened it up and it was a note.
    him: u ok ur lookin kinda red
    me: yah, im fine
    him: y dont u ever talk 2 me
    me: wat do u mean
    him: u have never said hi to me, or even said a word to me in the hallway
    me: o, im srry, i didnt think u would even notice me
    him:wat, i notice u everyday
    me: u do
    him: yah but today u seem way different, u look like ur about to die or something
    me: o well we better get to work b4 the teacher yells at us
    him: ok just try and say hi every once in a while
    me: np
    after third hour i went to science. i wanted to cry so bad, but this time i held it in. after science was over, it was time for lunch. i pulled jake to the side to talk to him. "umm jake, i have something to tell you" i started, "the truth is i lo..." i fell down, trying to breath. my lungs started hurt, and i started blanking out as i heard someone scream call an ambalance. i woke up in the hospital with wires hooked up to me. i looked up to see jake sitting in a chair. he walked over me with saddness filling his eyes. "hey stormy." he greeted trying to sound cheery. " what's up?" i asked acting as if nothing is going to happen. "well the doctors say you have a cancer, but they're not sure which one yet. it's spreading throughout your body, and killing you. you dont have very long to live." he quietly said. "i know" i replied. to room was silent for a couple of minutes. he walked over to me, kissed me on the lips and whispered, "wait for me in heaven" tears fell from my eyes as i said, "i wont be able to." he hugged me as i slowly shut my eyes. his final words before i died were," i love you too."