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    Chapter 7-One remains

    Caius nodded at Sash's saying. He slowly looked back at Hector to see that he was repairing himself. Caius rose into the air, many features changed on him. He had grown big black and purple wings that were met for shielding. Also along with height change and eye color. His eyes were purple and his arms had 3 blades that twisted around them and extended 3 feet past his hands.

    "Let’s go... Sash realized something behind him that would be useful. “ A Golem of my own huh?" Sash began to focus as Caius flew off into battle. While doing so, his soul had flown into the Golem. Its eye had lit up bright yellow and its dark body began to glow black and White. Its Arms below the elbow enlarged. The Golem had no legs, but had two long spikes on its back to help it cut through the air as it flew.

    Caius watched as Hector grew bigger, its legs extending into the Lava and hitting the rock hard bottom. He Grew more bulky and fire surrounded him in giant pillars. Its Hands changed into Round balls with multiple spikes. "That can't be good Sash, Move in and attack from the front I'll do what I can..."

    "Roger Captain Caius!!"Sash broke the sound barrier in a second, The Sound of it sounded like a nuke going off. As He Rushed toward Hector, he dodged many balls of Rocky fire that tried to slam into him.

    "What a heroic attempt. Too bad it won't phase me." Hector swung his spiked Hands into the body of the opposing Golem before him.

    Sash flew back at Immense speed, instantly stopping with a burst of Energy from his back. He Slammed into Hector just as he got ready for another swing. "I know you didn't just hit me with those hands of yours!!" Sash opened his mouth and blasted Hector dead in the face. A Huge chip of protective armor flew off.

    "Foolish boy." Hectors hands turned to normal as he grabbed the Golem that was 3 times smaller than him, He began to crush the tiny threat to him.

    Caius dodged the up flowing lava from Below and Slammed his sword into Hectors face. He pulled back forcefully and ripped off a chunk of rock. "How does that blade taste?"

    Hector dropped Sash then punted him in mid air. His huge body of Darkness and light hit one of the platforms. The platform his body was on. It crumbled as his body fell down at increasing speed.

    "No!!!" Caius jumped off of Hectors head and used the swipe from his giant swinging spike ball to speed up and catch his body. Just inches away from the lava. “Close enough..." Caius flew back up carefully set him down on a floating rock. "I hope it stays...."

    Hector roared a ear shattering roar as he walked in a cocky way toward Sash. "Ready for round 2?"

    He looked up to see him kneeling down. His face was just inches away from him. "Don't speak, it makes you sound stupid."

    Hector bumped Sash slightly with his head. He then roared in front of him. "I'll make this lava bed your grave."

    "Not today, Not Tomorrow." Sash swung his hand from behind his back and smashed a Mini version of the Atomic Smasher into his face. The Explosion Did intense Damage to Hector, but to Sash, it was painless.

    Caius watched as hector Fell back into the lava, his head seemed to be in half from his angle. "Nice."

    Sash lifted back into the air, he rejoined his side by Caius. "I know, it was my specialty." Sash soon squinted as something black appeared in the Lava, it began to Suck everything in its path.

    "Ah!!It’s a black hole!!" Caius got behind Sash as it sucked in everything. Trees and even floating rocks were sucked in.

    Sash searched for his body and slowly made his way to it. Before he could attempt to get to his body, he began to fly back. "I'm in it’s range!!" With no way out of it, he would be dead soon. "I have no choice but to abandon this body...." With one attempt to save himself from seeing the other side of the black hole, he succeeded. His body came back to life with a deep gasp. "That was close.” Both Sash and Caius watched at the body of light and darkness exploded on contact with the one possessing the black hole. Immediately, the threat stopped.

    A roar louder than usual shattered everything within range. Sash was the closest. His eyes began to bleed. "AHHH!!" He teleported further away from it. "Caius!!Get over here!"

    "Roger!" He teleported beside him. "What?"

    "You know what I'm thinking about." Sash rose his hand into the air. Caius aware of what he was planning, followed along with it.

    A large body came out of the lava with a huge hole in it. A colorful body of energy inside was visible. "I’ll enjoy carving your skin off."

    A long rainbow colored needle appeared between Both hands of Sash and Caius. It grew longer and bigger. Soon, it grew a sharp blade at the beginning of it. ”Contribute more Caius."

    "Roger." Along with his contribution was the energy of nature and the sky. Spikes that pointed forward turned sharp and long. "Its ready!"

    "Let’s call this....The Atomic spear." Sash smirked slightly.

    "Yeah." Both of them looked at each other then nodded. "Fire!!!"

    Hector stared wide eyed as the spear pierced him at light speed, Straight through the core. "Do you know what you've done?" Hector laughed.

    Sash's smirk drained from his face. "?What?"

    "You've triggered the end of this planet!!"

    Sash jumped back. "Caius!!Move!!"

    "Ah!!I Can't!!" Caius struggled to get out of Hectors grasp. "Run!!Leave me!!"

    Sash sighed, he got in a running position and sprinted toward the edge of the platform. He jumped high enough just to get onto His hand. "Caius....You must live...." Sash grabbed his head and transferred his remaining energy to Caius.

    "W-What are you doing?!" Caius slipped out of Hectors grasp with the help of the transferred energy.

    "Take care of Luna and Marina for me...." He said breathing hard. "Go, I'll try to do what I can."

    Caius knew what he met. He gave Sash one and final hug. "I'll miss you." Caius let go and teleported off.

    "I won't let you destroy another planet!!" Sash turned back into a Golem. His body fell to the ground, on a rock that floated on the lava. "I'll try my best to stop you!! ” With one final rush, he slammed into him, and carried him across the land.

    "It’s to late." Hector lit up and soon exploded in a huge wave. Killing off all life on the planet entirely.

    "Goodbye everyone...."

    Caius flew away from the planet with tears flowing in his eyes, he carried Sash's body in his hands. "Goodbye old friend..."