• It was Halloween night. In front of the haunted house, five children waited patiently. They were a fairy princess, ghost, grim reaper, pirate, and a devil. On the roof on the haunted house, there were five statues, which were of a witch, ghost, vampire, werewolf, and skeleton. The princess blinks. Then, the vampire’s eyes moved without the children knowing.

    Then from somewhere inside the house a grandfather clock clanged through the dark. It was midnight. It marked for the game to begin. The door of the house creeks open for its players. They see that there were no other doors or windows once they are inside. Then the door shuts and locks. Suddenly the whole room fell dragging the children with it. As they free dropped, everyone had screamed. Then the floor disappeared and then they were all engulfed in darkness.

    Dissolve into a sleeping ghost. Naturally born with many phobias, he panicked and got up quickly, breathing hard. He sees that he is still in the haunted house. However, it has changed. Now there is a fight of stairs and a few doors. Suddenly the room temperature dropped into a cold chill. Desperate for warmth, the Ghost goes into a door to his right to find a fire place. The door led to a hallway with several other doors. Fortunately, he found one in the first room, which was empty, but he had no way of lighting it. Defeated he sits down on the floor. Then he could hear the sound of chains dragging on the floor. The door slowly creaked open. The ghost had thought that one of the other children was playing a prank on him. However, when the door was halfway opened, there was a see through hand wrapped in chains ready to grab the Ghost.

    The pirate wakes up on a ship. He gets up and goes over to the side to get his bearings. He sees that he is in an amusement park. What is a pirate to do but get some treasure? He finds the captain’s cabin. He opens the door. There sitting on a chair slumped on the table was a skeleton in a pirate captain’s costume. He was surrounded by what seemed like gold. The pirate goes over to the table. There was a note on the table that said, “NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO TAKE MY GOLD!” However the pirate ignores it. There was a gold coin on the table near the arm of the skeleton. The pirate takes it. He turns around. As he was about to walk off, a bony hand plopped onto his shoulder.

    The Princess wakes up on the wooden floor. As she gets up she sees that she was surrounded by dolls. Then, a sign catches her eye. It had said, “Doll Shop”. Excited, she goes over to one of the dolls. Unfortunately, she had not seen the sign that said, “DO NOT TOUCH THE DOLLS!” When she touched the hem of the dress of the doll, numerous hands came from between the dolls and pulled her in. A witch’s crackles pierced through the empty shop.

    The Devil wakes up in hell. There were cardboard flames everywhere. He was on a grated floor. Suddenly, the walls exploded in flames. Then, there came deep demonic laughter. Through grated floor, it was filled with flames. The room became hotter and hotter. Then a shadow drew over the devil. Through the corner of his eye, he could down see the sharp pointed white teeth dripping of the saliva.

    The Grim reaper was sleeping in wet grass. He gets up and sees that he was sleeping on a tombstone. There was a heavy fog that blanketed the whole cemetery. Suddenly, he notices a movement behind him. Scared, he begins run. He was only a foot away from a gate when a black cloth passes his eyes.

    A week later, the misimg chilren were reported. However, they were never found.