• Chapter 1 Sarah
    "Are you even listening?"Asked my friend Kaila.
    "What? Sorry I’m just spacing out."I reply. I'm 5 foot and I’m pretty thin for an 8th grader. "What’s with you?" She asked snapping her fingers at me. "You’re always spacing out. You used to talk about boys and gossip. But now you do nothing."
    "Sorry. What were you saying earlier?" I asked.
    “I said have you seen the new girl?”
    “No not yet.” I looked down the hallway and saw a strange man who no one but me seemed to see. Then Kailas nonstop talking snapped me out. When I glanced back down the hall he was gone. Right then I should have known that my life was about to change.
    When I got home from school my mom was waiting. “Sarah Allisa Stannard. Why are you failing school? You used to pass with ease. You better bring these grades up.”
    “Ok mom. I will” I said as I went up the stairs. When I got to my room I plopped myself on the bed and looked at the clock. It read 4:30 pm. It’s too early to go to the barn I thought as I stared at the ceiling. I sighed I’m not I good person to be around. I feel like I’m hurting my friends. I finally drifted in an uneasy sleep. When I woke up the clock said it was 10:30 pm. So I got up threw my bag and my shoulders put on the coat and walked in the snow to the barn. Days ago I found this stone the size of my head. It was a sky blue with some dark blue patches. I took it to the barn to hide it there. I owned a horse and I took care of it so mom doesn’t come in the barn. “Hey starlight.” I said to my horse. She snorted and nudged me in welcome. She was all black except for the white star on her head. I walked in her stall and she nudged me. “Sorry no carrots for you today.” I smiled my horse always made me feel happy and secure. I crept closer to my secret cabinet. Well secret to my mom anyways. I opened it and retrieved the horse treats giving one to star light and putting some in my pocket. I put it back and reached for the necklace’s my dad gave me before he died. I put it on and uncovered the stone. My necklace looked like it somewhat. I picked it up and examined it. The stone started to get warm then hot. I just held on to it unable to let go. Then my necklace started to glow, then with a flash of light I blacked out. I woke up with my bag on one side of me and the stone on the other. Then I realized it was hot in the coat and I was under the sky and not the roof. I could tell it was morning because the sun was up almost half way across the sky