• Chapter 1

    The New Girl

    Kenan's View

    As I walked to school holding my breath because today was Blood-type Examining in Chemistry. I decided to skip because,well,because I'm a vampire. I was walking toward the school slowly until I realized I was running late. I dashed toward the school, but as I reached closer to the school I bumped into a group of senior girls gossiping about the new girl coming here at Ouran High School. I said, "Excuse me." The girls stopped gossiping and turned toward me. One of the girls had pigtails with ribbons and was chewing gum complained, "Watch where your going!" I pushed through mumbling,"Bitches."

    I went and saw the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in years. She was the new girl the preps were mentioning earlier. I went up to greet her but her smell of blood was so strong I just casually looked like I was walking past her. As I passed her though, I caught her scent and my fangs came out in response to my desire for her blood. I've never had the desire for someone's blood so badly. I needed to stay away from her. But she came up to greet me as I stood there pretending to look out the window. I was actually thinking, "Why is she coming here?","Is she crazy?". I was the most feared person in the whole high school. Though I never did anything wrong,my vampiric atmostsphere is pretty dark and scary.

    I do have some friends at this school. Ian is the nice,hot,popular one,Lance is the carefree one,Scarlette and Charlette are the pranker twins. I'm the cool one. I met up with everyone at choir and but as they went ahead and joined in the christmas singing, I went and sat in one of those unseen corners so many people never notice. I listened to the people in the choir singing and soon found myself nodding off.

    Chapter 2

    The Dream

    Kenan's View

    I dreamt of a dark place and saw a light. I walked toward that light and soon found myself standing near a cliff edge. It was a beautiful view. I then saw the new girl,Cascadia,in a short dress. Her neck showed and I saw her blood flowing. She smiled at me,and I smiled back. I felt my fangs grow and I watched her try and run in horror. I covered my mouth and she asked, "Are you a vampire?" Since this is only my dream, I said, "Yeah.". She asked, "Can I touch your fangs?" I answered, "Okay, but not for long. I might bite." She simply said, "Ok. I wanted to touch your fangs because I love vampires." I smiled and walked up to her. "Are you sure you love things like me? Most everyone in school are afraid of me. Why aren't you?",I asked as I walked up. I bared my teeth as I smiled to let her touch my fangs. She reached out and put her fingertip on one of them. I,once again, caught her delicious scent. I stood stiffly and held my breath and she drew her hand back. She sighed,"Well this is only my dream. I won't ever get to touch a real vampire's fangs because your not a real vampire are you?" I was shocked and asked, "This is my dream. Not yours. Your probably just an imagination. No one is supposed to know about me being a vampire. No one." That last word faded away in sound and I found myself in the corner again. Behind the curtain, I found Cascadia, her eyes wide and she mouthed, "Your a vampire." I nodded, my eyes wide too. That was actually OUR dream. It was real. This was a nightmare. My brother, Kadin, was gonna kill me if he knew I told someone I was a vampire. I have to save Cascadia. While I was worried about Cascadia,a shiver ran down my spine. I felt like someone was watching me. This was weird because I am the most feared person in school. No one could possibly scare me. Who was this person? What was this person? A million questions sped through my mind. The main question was,what WAS this person?