• I was walking in the sunshine, My hopes and dreams we're best this day, Mother was at home cooking supper and I was out to take a walk, I needed some air. I'm going through many rough times here, back in Los Angeles, and Mother and Father haven't been together since, Well, 14 years ago. I miss when they we're together, They we're all I had. I was an only child, but, Mother wanted another little girl, She did, Adopt a little girl. Her name, was Teemi. I liked her name, for some reason I thought it was beautiful.

    The next day after Mother got Teemi, I wanted to get to know her better, So, I took her for a long walk. I asked her about what she liked, and she told me that I would be a really great Sister, that made me feel really Special, a really happy feeling. Teemi told me a lot about her old life, in the orphanage and what it was like there, She told me about the friends she had, and all the little boys and girls that liked having her around.

    Me and Teemi got back from our Walk, she was happy when she got home, like she wanted to talk with Mother and I more. It was nice having a friend here, It got quite lonesome. Somehow I felt like I needed Teemi, Like something was telling me she was going to save me somewhere in the future. Like the Saying, "People come in you're life for a reason, "

    Teemi and I went on another walk today, She told me something really interesting, I thought I would of shown a little more emotion. Teemi told me, She knew about the planets and what was going to happen in the future, She said it was sacred not to tell anyone though, That she needed me, She took me into a forest into the woods not to far away from our home.

    Teemi introduced me to Miss. What, A queen of an un-discovered planet, That was unseen, and would never be seen, Miss What, gave me a locket, She said it was very powerful and I mustn't lose it, or bad things, bad, bad things will happen.

    Teemi was only 9 at this time, she knew many things that I didn't. She was smart...
    Smarter than I thought...

    --To be continued in next chapter--