• Raise of a warrior Chapter One Part 2

    They Returned to their village but as heroes for their victory. There village was named after the king Ryuichi. It was a happy village, with farms and markets. The soldiers marched towards the castle with a wagon in the middle. The wagon contained the injured, Akurashi was in it too. As they reached the castle steps the king came out. He wore a crown of gold with gems and diamonds of all size. A robe so long it reached the ground. Gold rings and amulets around his fingers and neck. He rushed towards the soldiers. “Did we win?, where’s my son?” said King Ryuichi staring at the men. “My lord, he is in there” said one of the soldiers with fear. He rushed to the wagon to see his son. “Akurashi, my son…are you ok?” said the king. He shoved and beat Akurashi. “My son why won’t you wake!?” he yells out. He walked back to the soldiers and yells “WHAT HAPPENED!!?”. all soldiers didn’t dare to glance at the king. “Ay sir, I know what happened” said the soldier who witnessed it all. “My lord gazed at the Red Moon and fell into a trance”, he said in fear. “Red moon?” said the king trying to remember of it. “Ay sir, Red moon is what we saw, then darkness” said the soldier. “Darkness?” repeated the king only to remember what happened long ago. The Red moon represents Akurashi’s loving mother, who was killed for being part of the shadow killers. The king yells out to his maid “Get the stones quickly”. Those stones have these magical effect that can break even the toughest of sleeping spells there is, but heir is only few left in this world. The king ran towards the wagon. “You and you get him out and place him there” commanded the king. The maid ran as fast as she could to the king. “Ay sir, here you go” said the maid while giving the stones to the king. The king grabbed it then stared at the men placing Akurashi on the ground. He crushed the stone making it dust. Spreading it over Akurashi’s body while chanting. “I RO HA NI HO HE TO< KI YU ME MI SHI WE HI!” said the king. Everyone stared all worried. Akurashi twitched and everyone jumped in fear. He opened his eyes. Akurashi gasped for air. “Mother…” said Akurashi. The king went closer to him. “What my son?” said the king. Akurashi stared frightened. “I saw her, father” he said. The king looked surprised “Your mother?”. Akurashi looked deep into his fathers eyes “Ay, I saw her” he repeated. “How was she, How does she look?” said the king. Akurashi stood silent on the ground. “Spit it out boy!” yelled the king. “Well she looked lovely, like she use to” said Akurashi to his father.