• I sat glaring at him as he stared back at me, a smug grin on his face. "What are you looking at?" I growl.
    He chuckled and shrugged, putting his pointer finger against his lips, trying to act innocent. "Nothing."
    My eye twitched and I put the book I had been trying to read, down. "Bull ****."
    He laughed and put his legs up on the sofa. "Whats bull ****?"
    "Me?" He asks his grin widening.
    I nodded and pointed right at him. "Your looking at me funny, human. And I dont like it."
    He laughed again. "And whats wrong with someone looking at you?"
    "I dont like it when people stare." I hiss.
    He shrugged. "Well? You should be used to it, being that you are a Werewolf and all."
    My eye twitched again. "You're so lucky I even let you in my house, human."
    He nodded. "Yes, I am... Why did you let me in your house anyway?"
    I narrowed my eyes at him. "Because you would have kicked my door down, idiot."
    He laughed and nodded. "I would have, huh?"
    I sighed. "Are you going to have your way with me or what?"
    He grinned. "Your eager, arent you?"
    I looked away from him. "Fine. I guess if your going to tease me, I guess I'll go to bed." I say standing up.
    He jumped and grabbed my hand. "Alright. I get your point. I apologize, wolf. I'll take you, like you want me to." He teased.
    "Tch." I hiss say leading him to my bed room.
    I had a large house, but I didnt care about the size, just as long as it was Werewolf proof and I wouldnt end up wreaking the place so badly they had to tear it down because I was roudy for a few seconds in my 'Wolf' form.
    What ever... I have only ruined three out of my past twelve homes. So I was happy. And I knew I would have had to be in a really bad mood to wreak this house.
    So if this guy really pisses me off and I end up throwing him out the window or through a wall, I'm going to end up killing him.
    This is my territory, idiot! And if you really are a Werewolf hunter you should know not to step in on their turf unless they invite you in with a smile. If you step in unwelcomed your going to end up being eaten or having the **** bitten out of you before you can run away.
    He grined and started to take off my button up shirt.
    I sighed and looked away, not wanting to even look at the dumb human.
    He stopped suddenly and stepped back. "No." He put a finger on his temple and examined me. "Strip for me."
    I jumped and glared at him. "I dont think so."
    "You have to listen to my orders till midnight. So get going already." He said grining again.
    I hate my life...

    The clock said 11:59...
    But he still insested on keeping me with him for another minute still.
    I growled at him and tried to sit up.
    He grabbed my waist and pulled me back on him. "No. I still get to keep you till midnight."
    I glared at him. "It is midnight!"
    He grinned and kissed my neck. "Not until the clock chimes twelve."
    I looked at the clock.
    Come on! Go to twelve already!
    He chuckled and put his arms around my waist. "Dont look at that thing. Look at me." He whispered.
    I growled at him as he pushed his hips against mine.
    "Whats with that tone? I think I should punish you for that." He grinned slidding down the mattress and... Well... I think I should stop with details there...
    I growled at him and pulled him back up. "Knock it off." I hiss.
    He licked his lips and grinned. "Knock what off?"
    I sighed and looked at the clock.
    I smiled and got off him. "Ha! My times up! Its over!" I say excitedly.
    He moaned and sat up, putting his head on my shoulder. "D***..."
    I grinned. "Okay. It nice seeing you. So... Leave now." I say pointing to the door.
    He stood up and stretched. "Yes, yes. I know."
    I looked at his back and saw scars all over him.
    He turned around and smiled. "Enjoying the view?"
    I jumped and looked away. "No. I was just looking at your scars. They looked really bad." I say feeling my face go warm.
    S***... Am I blushing?
    He shrugged. "Eh. Chicks dig 'em. So I dont care what you think." He says looking the other way.
    I smiled. "You like chicks as well as guys?" I ask teasing him alittle.
    He glared at me. "Sometimes..."
    I laughed and stood up. "'Sometimes' huh?"
    He nodded. "Yes. Somtimes."
    I snickered and went to my dresser. "I beg to differ." I mumble under my breath.
    Warm arms wrapped around my neck and then the feeling of a bare chest made me feel warmer inside. "I heard that." He murmered.
    I shrugged. "Oh well. Cant take it back, now can I?"
    He shook his head and put it against my shoulder. "No."
    "Then live with it." I say taking out a pajama shirt.
    He sighed. "I dont want to leave."
    I stopped and turned around. "What?"
    He smiled at me. "You heard me. I dont want to leave."
    "What if I through you out a window? Then will you want to leave?" I ask raising an eyebrow.
    He shook his head. "No."
    I felt my eye twitch. "Uhm... What if..." I snapped my fingers. "What if I bite your **** off?"
    "Then I'll cut yours off." He grinned.
    I sighed. "Hm..."
    "You will need to give me the vials for the Vampire Plague." He says grining.
    I rolled my eyes. "I can mail those to you."
    "And if I never get them?" He asks getting annoyed.
    I shrugged. "You know where I live, dont you?"
    He moaned and burried his face in my neck. "I dont want to leave though."
    "Why not?!" I burst.
    "Because your fun..." He says sounding depressed.
    I sighed. "And here I thought I was being mean to you or something..."
    He laughed. "No. I thought you were just an angry kind of guy."
    I shook my head. "Not usually..."
    He pulled away and looked me dead in the eye. "Then treat me nicely and maybe I'll want to leave."
    My eye twitched. "Wha...?"
    He smirked. "Just be nice to me and maybe it'll change my opinion on you."
    I sighed. "Fine... I'll try."
    He clapped his hands together behind my head and kissed me harshly. "Good. Now." He says pointing to the bed.
    I glared at him. "I'm not a dog, stupid human."
    He pouted. "But... But... But... You said you were going to be nice to me."
    I sighed and started to walk towards the bed. "God, I hate my life."
    He laughed and jumped on my back. "Yes! Good, boy." He said wrubbing his face against the back of my head.
    I growled at him.
    He slipped in front of me and shook his finger sternly. "Nuh uh." He scorns. "No growling. Treat me nicely."
    I sighed and hung my head. "Yeah, yeah."
    He smiled and put his arms aroung me neck. "Good."
    I felt my eye twitch.
    He pulled me towards the bed and fell back, taking me with him.
    I tried to pull away. "I take it back. I dont want to treat you nicely. I'm going to treat you like crap!" I say trying to pull out of his arms.
    He laughed. "Then you want me to stay?"
    I swallowed and looked away from him. "No..."
    "Then treat me nicely and I might change my mind on staying." He teases.
    "I never said you could stay!" I burst trying to get away again.
    "What ever." He laughed. "Now stop struggling!"
    I growled at him. "Get off!"

    In the end he won...
    And I lost... So... I was nice to him...
    He had his face in my chest and his arms wrapped around my neck, snuggling up next to me.
    I lay on my side and glare at the wall.
    Damn him...
    Now that I was nice to him he's more touchy... And not as challenging in conversations...
    I sighed and looked down at him.
    A smile on his face and his eyes lightly closed.
    I poked his forehead. "Get your a** up." I growled.
    He moaned and hid his face deeper into my chest.
    I sighed and pushed him away by his shoulders. "Come on. Get up already."
    He shook his head. "No."
    I growled. "Get up."
    He held me tighter. "No."
    My eye twitched. "For gods sake!" I say trying to pull out of his arms.
    God he has a tight grip...
    He groaned and let me go.
    I flew back and landed on my butt.
    He jumped and looked over the edge, his face curling in amusement. He burst into laughter.
    I glared at him and stood up. "You!" I say jumping on top of him and holding him against the bed harshly. "Whats so funny?" I hiss between my teeth.
    He snickered. "Nothing."
    I held his arms tighter against the mattress. "Tell me." I sneered.
    He winced. "Whats with that anger so suddenly?"
    I felt my his leg rise up between my legs softly. I shuttered and loosened my grip somewhat.
    He chuckled and pushed me off him. "You liked it, I see." He teased straddling me.
    I jumped and glared at him. "Dont even think about it."
    "Lets go again." He grinned.
    I shook my head. "No."
    He leaned down, only inches from my face. "Yes."
    I growled at him. "Never."

    And again, I lost to him.
    I stood up and pointed to the door. "Leave." I hiss.
    He took in a deep breath and rolled over on his side. "I dont wanna."
    "Now." I hiss.
    He shook his head. "No."
    "God!" I say gripping my hair in my hands wanting to rip it out in frustration. "Why not?!"
    "Because I dont want to." He whinned.
    I was just about to blow up. "For god's sake!" I bellow storming out the bed room door and slamming it shut.
    Why the hell would he want to stay!? Whats the point!?
    He could probably get any girl or guy to sleep with him if he aimed a gun at their head and told them to. So, why is he being so persistant of me?
    I punched a wall and left a dent.
    Great... Now he has me going and punching walls...
    Maybe I should kill him now...
    I heard the door open behind me and then a deep sigh.
    "Do you really hate me that much?" He asks.
    I turn around and raise an eyebrow. "Were you expecting me to like you? You know, you were trying to kill me before." I hiss.
    He nodded and looked at the floor. "But havent I proven that I care for you more then that now?"
    I crossed my arms over my chest. "No really... Just that you like to have sex." I smirk.
    He sighed. "That isnt what I was going for..." He looked up at me, determination in his eyes. "But maybe this will prove it to you." He says practicly throwing himself at me.
    I jumped and caught him.
    He pushed his lips against mine and smiled.
    I growled.
    He pulled away and started kissing my neck. "Do you believe me?"
    I shook my head. "No."
    "Then I'll have to do anything and everything I can to prove it to you. That I really do care for you." He grinned.
    Oh crap...