• Think about me today,
    For once hold me close.
    Every time I see you,
    You turn and walk away.

    I follow you from place to place.
    Curiosity glowing,
    Concern growing,
    Just wanting to see your face.

    From around the corner,
    I watch you cross.
    The roads are now empty,
    But stays a crying mourner.

    Staring at you,
    From behind a veil of tears,
    I bit my lip to stop
    The sob at what is true.

    I realize now that you hate me.
    You have left each room I enter.
    I have watched you hurriedly cross the road.
    As I stand on the other side, it’s you I see.

    Tears burning in my throat,
    I turn and run away.
    You stop to stare at the retreating form,
    A girl in a teal colored coat.

    Rain follows each step I take,
    That takes me further from you.
    I run all night, each breath caught in my throat.
    I realize now that you were fake.

    I hurt, my heart broken.
    My love has run dry,
    My heart has shattered,
    Each piece your token.

    You stare after the diminishing girl,
    You blink in confusion.
    You didn’t know the harm you’ve caused.
    But now you feel sick, as you lean against building colored pearl.

    Love hurts, I know.
    You’ve seen no love for me.
    You’ve rejected a beautiful heart.
    You’ve stooped too low.

    I now run forever,
    Leaving the side I’ve stayed by for so long,
    Tears streaming from each soft teal eye.
    I realize we’re not meant to be together.

    Another love story turned sour,
    Another young heart shattered,
    Another girl rejected by the prince,
    The prince who has the power.