• Marty is a four year-old girl who lives in Montana. Her whole life is run by the people around her, and nothing is for her. She has nothing she can call her own. Nothing.


    Marty walked along the worn path of the forest. She had never felt so free! No one could tell her what to do right now even though her whole life was run on obeying her stepfather, Luke. He was almost always drunk, and it was Marty's job to make sure that he had his beer when he wanted it.
    Marty was thinking, as she always was, about minds. She could be a therapist right now if she wanted, but her father won't let her go to preschool let alone college. It was hard enough for her to earn enough money to buy an i-pod, but a college fund was over the roof.
    "Marty!!" a voice bellowed.
    "Coming sir!" Marty yelled back. She stole one last glance to her freedom, and ran back to her stepfather.
    When Marty burst through the sliding glass door her stepfather was sitting in front of the TV, once again, and holding his hand out expecting a beer. Marty ran tot he fridge, and retrieved him a beer.
    "Is that all daddy?" Marty asked.
    "Yes, and how many times to i have to tell you not to call me daddy?!" her step-dad asked without looking away from the TV.
    "No more."
    "What do you call me?" he asked.
    "Sir." Marty answered automatically.
    "So are you dumb, or just playin' stupid?"
    "None, sir."
    "Go to your room, i want to watch the game."
    "Yes, sir." Marty left the room. Anyone else might have been sulking, but not Marty, she had learned a long time ago to stop expecting him to care about her more than the game he's watched ten times already.
    Marty did as she always did, she sneaked out her window.
    As she walked, once again, upon the path she felt the freedom again. Blissful freedom.
    As she walked further and further down the path she lost track of time. When free there is no time.
    There was a growl, and Marty opened her eyes. There was a huge momma brown bear. Marty instantly wanted to run, but denied her body the wish. She had to back away slowly. The bear's jaws opened up, and showed huge, white teeth.
    Marty desperately wanted to run, but she just walked slowly away, and was soon consumed by the ferns.
    Then there was a huge crash, and Marty stumbled into a clearing that she hadn't seen before! There was the bear, once again.
    Marty started to pant she couldn't get enough air into her lungs. Then the bear ran at her, threw her on the ground, and started to claw at her chest.
    Marty fought not to scream, she would need the air. The bear seemed to love killing her, for its claws kept grasping at skin, and muscle.
    Marty couldn't feel or hear anymore. All she saw was a blue-white light. then she came back, and could feel claws enter her body, and blood leave her body. This happened a few more times, but then one time she didn't come back......