• “Please, please, please, don’t leave me.” The girl under the streetlight whispered. The boy she must’ve been talking to was hidden by shadows.
    “I’m sorry Sarah, but you’ll be the one doing the leaving.” The light from the streetlight caught the metal of a handgun that was being pointed at Sarah. There was a bang as the bullet was let fly. Just before the bullet hit the girl, the words ‘THE DAY I DIED’ flashed across the screen. Then the screen faded to black, and then a scene with police cars filled the space. Ack this movie was rather dull in the beginning. I leaned against Dakota and closed my eyes.
    I must’ve fallen asleep, because when I opened my eyes, I was in bed. Dakota stopped halfway through the doorway when he heard me stir.
    “Just grabbing my books.” He whispered. Then he chuckled softly, “Yea you REALLY enjoyed the movie Lilly.” I stuck my tongue out at him.
    “It was boring in the beginning.”
    “The beginning! You slept through the whole thing.”
    “You could’ve waked me up.” I grumbled
    “Nah, I liked you leaning on me too much,” He grinned. I threw my pillow at him. He caught it and triumphantly handed it back to me.
    “You were supposed to let it hit your face.”
    “Well oops.” He took the pillow out of my hands and whacked himself in the face with it. When he brought the pillow down, he acted like it had really hurt.
    “Okay, I’m happy now.” I said. He handed me the pillow. I noticed a small rope was tied around his wrist. It tied off in a knot and a small strand went down the hallway.
    “Hey Dakota, what’s that on your wrist?” I asked, pointing to the rope.
    “On my wrist? What? I don’t have anything on my wrist, Lilly.” He chuckled, holding his hand out to me. I put a finger out to meet the rope, expecting solid resistance, but instead I met air.
    The braided fibers shimmered when I touched it.
    “But it’s right there.”
    “I don’t see anything Lilly.”
    “I see it.” I muttered, “Wait let me get my grandma’s knife.” I reached over into my bed side table drawer and picked up the knife.
    “Lilly, there’s nothing to cut, put the knife down.”
    “No I see the rope, now hold still.” Dakota rolled his eyes, but did as told. I gently placed the straight side of the knife against his wrist and, slowly brought the blade down, slicing through the rope. It fell to the floor of my room.
    “Where did that come from?” Dakota asked
    “It was tied around your wrist.”
    “But I didn’t see anything there…..” he trailed off.
    Suddenly a form leapt at me from the shadows of my closet.
    “Lilac!” It hissed in mid-air. “You broke my curse!”
    Dakota shoved me down onto the bed and ducked as the shadowed figure whizzed over his head.
    “Lilly get out of here!”
    “That door over there by your dresser, I know you can see it, go through it!”
    “Where did that come from?”
    “I’ll explain later, take your grandma’s knife and GET OUT OF HERE!”
    I grabbed the blade, but it was still open, and I sliced my hand a bit. I bit my lip and snapped it shut. The mysterious creature made for me again, but Dakota slammed it into the wall.
    I ran to the door and opened it. I caught myself as I almost ran into nothingness. There was sky, and that was all, well there were lots of clouds, but no solid ground. I glanced back hopelessly at Dakota; he dodged the form again and stole a quick look at me.
    “GO, don’t be afraid, just jump.” He said gently
    I nodded, backed up a few steps, and threw myself out the door.
    I could’ve screamed, I would’ve screamed, but I couldn’t find my voice as I plunged downward, surely to meet my death when I hit the ground.