• Katsuya kept looking for her brother for hours. She took a break in the park and sat on a bench by herself. Her tears came out of her eyes and she couldn't help but sob.
    "Hibiki..." sobbed Katsuya.
    She went home to get the dog and Hibiki's gym sock quietly.
    "Katsuya, where are you going?" asked her dad.

    "Taking Midnight for a walk. He kinda needs one." replied Katsuya nervously.
    Her dad looked at her in suspicion.

    "All right. Don't forget the poop scooper and a paper bag." said her dad, going back to his newspaper.
    Katsuya went back outside. She led Midnight to the park and held her brothers sock.

    "Midnight. I need you to smell this. I want you to get Hibiki's scent." said Katsuya.

    Midnight whimpered as she handed the dog Hibiki's sock.

    "Come on it's not that bad." compained Katsuya.
    She can smell his sock from two inches in her hand.

    "Okay, it smells. But it's either this or his shoes." said Katsuya.
    Midnight still refused to smell it. Instead, he led Katsuya to a tree and Midnight peed on it.

    "Thanks for the help." muttered Katsuya.

    Suddenly, she heard footsteps on the sidewalk. She hid behind a bush and waited. All she heard was a familiar voice. She didn't want to take chances. But before she can leap out of the bush, Midnight went out and barked at who it is.

    "What the-?!" she heard someone yell.
    She came out of the bush and gasped. Midnight was jumping on Hisoka, that boy who was nice enough to sit at her table at lunch!

    "Midnight! Down, boy!" called Katsuya.

    "Is that your dog?" asked Tsuzuki.

    "Yeah. Midnight is trying to help me find Hibiki." replied Katsuya.

    "Your brother, right?" asked Hisoka, brushing himself off.

    "Yes. I need to find him before seven-thirty." replied Katsuya.

    "Where was he last?" asked Hisoka.

    "Outside that pet store over there. I was in there to get our dog some more food." replied Katsuya.

    "Did you ask anyone for help?" asked Tsuzuki.

    "Hmm. When I went to the church over there, there was a man in white and I asked him if he seen my brother, but he said that nobody was at the church." replied Katsuya.
    Tsuzuki listened to her story word by word but he had a concered look on him when Katsuya said something about a man in white was in the church.

    "Wait, did he have platinum-blonde hair and glasses?" asked Tsuzuki.

    "His hair looked more like a silver color. But he did have glasses." replied Katsuya, puzzled.

    "And did his bangs go over his left eye?" asked Hisoka.

    "Either his left or right eye. I don't know, I was only in there for three seconds." replied Katsuya.

    "Tsuzuki, think it's Muraki?" asked Hisoka.

    "Might be. Katsuya, lead us to that Church." said Tsuzuki.
    Suddenly, Midnight dashed off! Katsuya's hand got sweaty and it made her hand let go of the leash!

    "Midnight!" cried Katsuya, running after Midnight.

    "Katsuya, what the heck is wrong with your dog?!" asked Hisoka.

    "Either Midnight has Hibiki's scent or he has to poo!" replied Katsuya.

    The three ran after Midnight, who was running towards the church, to hope they get what they're looking for. Did Midnight get the scent? Was the man Katsuya talking about is Muraki? Find out in the next chapter!