• I sat in a chair. How exciting. I sat in a chair with my laptop on my thy. My fingers worked furiously to type, fingernails scraping the keys. We were out of time. There was only one way to win this war. We had to...silence. Had to what? I had to find the perfect word. Stories are like a puzzle, if the piece isn't perfect the puzzle's perfect just...drops. My fingers twitched, begging to type. Alright. Sometimes my finger's ideas are better than my own.

    We had to fight.
    A cold breeze brushed aside my hair from my pale face engraved with emotions of worry and loss. My pale blue eyes scanned the battlefield. It was quiet. It was peaceful. But was that not also the case in the eye of the hurricane? This broad field of lush green grass would soon become the sea of corpses, the dirt stained red with the blood of those so recently passed. The screams filled my ears, though the battle had not yet started. It was all in my head. Many thoughts began to pound on the doors of my carefully concealed mind at work, banging and banging without relief. Emotion swelled inside my chest, a dull ache that soon became unbearable, and i began to think that maybe i could not go on. I began to think about the innocents who would soon be gone. gone with the passing wind. I began to think of MY friends and MY family, who may never see me again. I could no longer take the swing of sorrow that had subconsciously been forced upon me. The deaths about to be had, the scenery to turn bad, the guilt of killing those who did not deserve it.

    i decided that this would be the perfect time to close it. Cliff-hangers are always nice, or perhaps a twist that one wouldn't expect. But i prefer the this-is-all-you-need-to-know ending, the one that makes a reader want to read more, but not in the you-are-missing-information way like a cliff-hanger. So i began.
    to add to the sorrow
    what i hated the most

    the worst part of the matter was one bit of discomfort knowing that this was an unnecissary war and one that i could have so easily stopped those many moons ago. Being the person that I am, I purposely and unsparingly hadn't lifted a finger.