• The Nexus was cold tonight. But in this moment, it didn’t really matter, still the Nexus revealed its dark shadows that covered most of this dimension. The shadows of demons and other creatures lurking in the darkness frightened all hope of any kind. But one shadow, in particular, was of the utmost importance. Running as fast as she could, Evelyn, one of the last half-breeds, protected the last two shards of hope. The survival of the Nexus and of Mortalus would depend on them in a few years; or at least it would be a few years in the Nexus. Evelyn kept running, running from the evil demon ruler Zurrok. Zurrok was after the two most important things in the universe, the shards. And Evelyn held these shards in her wary claws. For she not only ran for the protection of the shards, but for herself as well. Evelyn was one of the last remnants of her kind, there were only a few to begin with, but they somehow found a way to flourish in this benevolent universe. Then Zurrok took over the Nexus, poisoning the beauty of this once light-filled world into the dark dimension that it was now. But, even in these haunted times, Evelyn knew she could not fail the true kingdom or the true ruler of this world, Oradella. The kingdom that Zurrok had created, the hell that Zurrok had trapped all of the guardians in, has been the worst of all the tragedies; next to the separation of the two dimensions, Mortalus and the Nexus. The only good that ever came from the over-ruling of Oradella’s kingdom, was the realization of the dimension’s need for hope. Not only the Nexus, but for Mortalus as well. All the guardians, those with the power of sight, escaped into the depths of Mortalus in search of this hope, and they found it in Evelyn’s womb.

    Evelyn could sense the panic in the shards now. She knew that in a few minutes short time, the shards would change, and start to take form of humans. The human shape had become the only shape that would keep the two children safe. As humans, the children would be useless to Zurrok. And as humans, they would never be able to enter the Nexus again. Not without killing themselves at least! Evelyn felt a wave of sorrow wash over her as she ran for their lives, knowing that after this, she would have to leave her life behind. Before Zurrok had taken a look into the future, Evelyn had painted the perfect picture of how her children would live. She had been planning on leaving the Nexus to raise her children in Mortalus. Evelyn could imagine how she would hold the two in her arms during thunderstorms or pick them up when they fell. Evelyn ran, as a cold tear escaped down the sides of her cheeks. But there was no time for tears; she knew that if her children would live, they would now have to live without her. The gateway to Mortalus was now coming into view. Not even more than five, maybe six yards away. A loud voice then overpowered the room, the voice of Zurrok himself.

    “You won’t get far,” Zurrok’s voice boomed, “Not when I have so many willing to be manipulated. So why even try. Just hand me the shards and you won’t be hurt.”

    Evelyn stopped running and shouted as loud as possible to the voice, “I know I can’t rely on you! You proved that over millennium ago, before I started working for the Covenant, that you of all creatures, can’t be trusted!” Evelyn was exhausted, her voice only carrying out by little more than if she were to be talking to someone across the room. But Evelyn waited for Zurrok’s reply. She knew he would hear her, even if she were to have whispered it he would’ve heard. Anger flowed through Evelyn’s veins; she wanted the war to start now, not when the chosen one would be old enough to fight along side with her guardian. She wanted nothing to do with what was happening now. Evelyn then heard Zurrok’s voice call out once again, almost as if he was right behind her. Which Evelyn knew would be bad, especially now that she was facing away from the portal.

    “Yes. I was hoping that the subject of your treachery wouldn’t come up. Before I found out, I was hoping that you would be my wife. Lorcilla had passed not too long before I found out that you had been working for them.”

    “Well you knew that a mortal had no business being here! They can’t even survive in the extreme pressure here! But you let her stay anyway! I’ve always known that you only brought her here so your children would be born demon!” Evelyn then became angered by Zurrok’s arrogance. It was not until Lorcilla’s health started to fail, when Evelyn had decided to take a vow to live for the Covent, if it wouldn’t had been their friendship, Evelyn would still be working for Zurrok. And the vow would seal Evelyn’s soul to them, and she would forever be freed from Zurrok’s evil plans.

    “Yes, I had thought of that before I brought her,” Zurrok started trying to persuade her that he had actually cared for Lorcilla, “but she refused to stay within Mortalus, she wanted me to be with our children.” Zurrok replied. “And I wasn’t about to abandon my kingdom.”

    Evelyn whirled around seeing the demon god behind her. “Your kingdom!” laughed Evelyn. “You only have the Nexus because of your swaying ways! And your children deserved much better than to be born of this hell, but then again, only one survived so that should have showed your wife how much you really cared about her and the child.” Evelyn took a step away from her exit. And she then remembered her handler. “Where is he?” Evelyn demanded.

    “Where is who?” Zurrok asked toying with Evelyn, who had sent her handler, and father of her children, to hold off Zurrok as long as he could so she could escape with the children. Zurrok read Evelyn’s angered expression, “Oh! I took care of the little entertainment you gave me. He should be no trouble to me any longer.” And as Zurrok said this, he made sure to make it sound as malicious as possible. Zurrok knew the effect had indeed worked; Evelyn was almost to her knees. He could see her sides bled from the demon cesarean section she had preformed to save her children.

    She could almost feel her body start to go numb, being driven only by the love she held for her unborn-children.

    “Yes, I think you’re starting to see reason now.” Zurrok laughed as Evelyn swayed back and forth.

    Her hair beginning to stick to the tears that drenched her face; it was too late, she thought to herself. “I don’t see how you know the word “reason”, to me; you’re just being an a*****e.” Evelyn then cursed Zurrok in the demonic language that now seemed so lost.

    “Ahh, you now want to stoop down to that of the level of mortals?!” Zurrok paused and looked at Evelyn in the way a mother would look at her child if they broke a dear belonging, and said in a strange sadness, “I see,” Zurrok then said in anger, “Then you shall have to die like a mortal!” He then held out his hand in a chocking reach. But before anything had time to happen to her, a brilliant light shown from one of the red shards, an indication of the chosen one, the light seemed to be protecting Evelyn from Zurrok’s curse. A small smile overcame Evelyn’s face as she began to realize the strength that her daughter seemed to already possess. Evelyn could now feel the presence of her handler; she quickly set down the two shards and tackled Zurrok. She clawed and scratched at him, transporting from one angle to the next, anything to give her handler enough time to get the children out of this retched place. Zurrok finally became aware of this diversion, but he was too late, he could already see the man limping away with the shards to Mortalus. Zurrok took hold of Evelyn’s long red hair and slammed her down to the cold hard floor. And the last thing Evelyn saw were her children being carried off by her beloved.