• At Gabriel’s house, before watching The Fourth Kind: 3rd Person

    “So, what are we watching?” Felicity asked as she plopped into Gabriel’s couch.

    “How about we see the Resident Evil movies? Gabriel has them, right?” Luna said, carrying the bowl of popcorn.

    “I have them, they’re by the television.” Gabriel said, walking in.

    They all got settled on the couch while Eleanor inserted the DVD to watch the movie. As the movie played, Felicity hogged the popcorn that she took from Luna. After she was more intrigued with the movie, Gabriel took the bowl from her hands and let them eat some popcorn. In the middle of the movie, Felicity excused herself to go to the bathroom. Eleanor looked out of the window when Felicity left and was amazed at what she saw.

    Felicity found Gabriel’s bathroom down the hall and went in. After she was done using it, she stood in front of the bathroom mirror and went down to pull up her pajama bottoms. She stood up straight to look into the mirror and saw...

    “AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” She screamed as she ran for the bathroom door, racing towards the living room.

    “Felicity?! What’s wrong?” Luna asked as she ran into the living room.

    “Th-th-the-the licker!!! I-I saw a zombie that looked EXACTLY like the Licker in Resident Evil!!!!!!” Felicity yelled hysterically, hugging Luna.

    “Eleanor! What did you do?!” Gabriel accused.

    “Sure, always blame the ugly zombie queen~!” Eleanor complained, pouting.

    “No, it couldn’t be Eleanor. This zombie was just too real!” Felicity said, panicked.

    “Gee, thanks...”

    “Felicity, are you sure you weren’t hallucinating?” Gabriel asked, calmly.

    “I’m sure!”

    “Ok, then. Go check it out, ugly zombie queen~!” Luna said, comforting the scared were tiger.

    “Wow, more insults. Why am I friends with you guys again?” Eleanor asked, sighing.

    “Well, you met Felicity in 7th grade in French class, I met you through Felicity and Gabriel is your friend because you kissed him 5 years ago~!” Luna said happily, making Felicity sob at that last part.

    “Our moms made us!” Gabriel retorted, slightly blushing.

    “I’m going, I’m going!” Eleanor said, walking out of the living room.

    “Guys, I don’t think Eleanor did this...” Felicity said, standing up.

    “Maybe, but she’s the necromancer, she’s our only suspect.” Gabriel responded.

    “Hmm, maybe she-!” Luna was cut off as a piercing scream was heard coming from the hallway.


    “Oh my god, that’s Eleanor!” Felicity said as they all ran down to the hall.

    Eleanor screamed louder as a bunch of zombies were dragging down the hall, biting and hurting her.

    “No!!! Eleanor!!!” Luna screamed and cried as she summoned a random staff and wacked the zombies off of her, “Leave her alone, stupid ugly zombies!!!”

    “Luna!!!” Eleanor kept screaming as the zombies dragged her into the darkness of the house.

    “Oh god, they took her! I told you that it wasn’t her!!!” Felicity yelled, smacking Gabriel’s shoulder.

    “Oww! Ok, it wasn’t her, but who could possibly be doing this?” Gabriel said.

    “Maybe it’s another of Scarlet’s schemes! And she has finally succeeded!” Luna said.

    “Ok, ok. I want both of you to calm down. We can’t save Eleanor if we’re panicking. Now, we better go find the zombies and that’ll take us to Eleanor.” Gabriel explained.

    “Well, they went down into the bedrooms. We better start there.” Felicity said.

    “Poor Eleanor, she’s been captured by ugly strange zombies in a cruel ironic twist. She must be terrified.” Luna worried.


    Eleanor smiled, giving the zombies some of their favorite bloody treats.
    “You zombies are brilliant~! Kidnapping me to take me out of their suspect’s list~! Best prank ever~!” Eleanor squealed as the zombies enjoyed the treats.


    The trio walked down the dark hall of Gabriel’s house, trying to find the group of zombies inside. They got more nervous as they got deeper inside the house. The halls would get darker and darker as the night came. Felicity would hold on to Gabriel’s arm in fear as Luna summoned a small light to guide them. At one point, they finally reached Gabriel’s room when a dark figure popped out, yelling,


    “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!” The trio screamed in fear, holding on to each other.

    The small dark figure giggled at their reaction and turned on the lights to Gabriel’s room.

    “Aya!! Are you trying to give us a heart attack?!” Gabriel said, losing his cool.

    “No, I’m just bored~!” Aya giggled.

    “Ok, Aya. Just stay here and lock the door. Don’t come out until we get rid of the zombies.” He said.

    “Ok~!” She said as she went over to see Gabriel’s television.

    They left the bedroom to keep searching for the zombies.

    “Gabriel, your house is just too big. They could be anywhere.” Luna said.

    “They’re coming!!!” Felicity yelled when she spotted the zombies coming their way.

    “Ok, guys. They’re just zombies. Just stand and fight.” Gabriel instructed.

    5 Minutes Later:

    “Holy~! These things are strong!!!” Felicity screamed, running away.

    “I know! They almost ate me whole!” Gabriel yelled back.

    “Eleanor’s probably dead~!” Luna cried.

    While they were running, Felicity’s loose green pajama bottoms slipped down to her ankles and made her fall. When she was down, the zombies walked up to her to see that the back of her underwear ironically said, ‘Kick Me’.

    The zombies simply shrugged and kicked her countless times.

    “Oww!” Felicity yelled while Luna ran up to them and wacked them away.

    Gabriel helped Felicity up and the trio ran away once more. They raced down the hall until they reached a dead end back in the living room. They stopped in a corner, collapsing of the long run. The zombies caught up to them, surrounding them in the corner.

    “Well, this is it.” Felicity said.

    “If this is the end, then I have to tell you, Gabriel, that Felicity lo- Oww!” Luna yelled when Felicity hit her in the back of the head.

    As the zombies got closer to the trio, it came to their shock when they saw a zombie-like Eleanor come out of the group.

    “Oh my god, Eleanor! She’s been zombie-fied!!!” Felicity panicked.

    “Wait a minute,” Gabriel said, “Why is she wearing a red and black leather jacket?”

    As Gabriel asked this, a random zombie played the song of Thriller.

    “That this is thriller, thriller night
    ‘Cause I can thrill you more than any ghost would ever dare try
    Thriller, thriller night
    So let me hold you tight and share a
    Killer, diller, chiller, thriller here tonight

    ‘Cause this is thriller, thriller night
    Girl, I can thrill you more than any ghost would ever dare try
    Thriller, thriller night
    So let me hold you tight and share a killer, thriller, ow!
    I’m gonna thrill ya tonight~!”

    Eleanor sang as her and the zombies danced to the music. The trio merely laid there in shock of what’s happening in front of them.

    “Wha-what’s going on?!” Felicity yelled.

    “Nothing, just in the middle of a prank~!” Eleanor giggled, still dancing.

    “ELEANOR!!!!!!” The trio yelled.

    Author's note: How's that for a Valentine's Day treat? ^^ I hope you all liked it~! This is also my small tribute to the late Michael Jackson. May he be dancing happily in the skies above. Please rate and comment! It's comments that make Eleanor more and more mischevious~! Bye!