• The Forrest

    Once upon a clear autumn night I, a man named Andrew Cloutier was driving to a job interview I was incredibly late for. I decided to take a short cut through an unmarked dirt road I just happened to come upon. The road I had just went down I had never seen before, but it was heading in the right direction so I might as well take a chance. There was no sign of the roads end. There was only dead willow trees as far as the eye could see. The immense forest divided only by the road had a strange feel to it. It was as if I were going in circles.
    Five minutes later I still had not gotten anywhere. The road seemed only to be a spiraling death house. Almost as if I would die here.
    My car started slowing down as I found out that the gas in my car was no more. I looked down at my rolex and saw it was past time for my interview.
    “Guess my only worry now is finding my way out,” I then said as I opened the door to my car. When I stepped out a torrent of wind started to bellow. It was almost if the forrest was trying to pull me into the darkness. The only thing I could think though at the moment was to get out of this hazy environment.
    I took a step forward into the woods and the haze grow even more dense. The trees all looked like people. As I kept walking the haze grew more dense. I turned back to see what was happening behind me and I was right next to car. I was exactly where I started except that one thing was different. On the road, there was a body; the body of a young man.
    “Are you all right?” I asked, shaking the mans arm. I shook a bit too hard and the man rolled over. A frightening shock jolted through me as I saw that the man's throat was slit and that a double bladed knife was stuck inside his chest. I vomited and almost cried at the sight of the man's body. His face also seemed as if it were rearranged in some way with a sledge hammer.
    A faint breeze blew from behind me. A warm liquid drips onto my neck. I watch as it slips down and stains my shirt red. There was a presence there behind me. I looked up and saw a large tree limb swoop down with great force and hit both my eye and my nose.
    A large man in an ebony colored outfit stood above me. The forceful feel of his gaze dragged me against my will into a world of demonic fear. I had to get my body in tact for a fight. The blood flowed down from my face and formed a puddle by my arm.
    The man swung again. I rolled to my left and avoided the shot. He pulled a knife from his boot and positioned it in his hand. I got up and ran taking cover behind my car as the man threw the knife into the cars side.
    This is no man, I thought, he is a beast. Knowing that there was no escape I charged at the beast grabbing the tree limb. I attempted to shake it out of his grip but he held on as if it were glued to his hand. He took me and threw me over his back so that I landed next to the dead body. The beast came and stood in front of me. Death was near.
    The beast then reached for another knife. As he bent down I wraped my leg around him and tripped him. He fell down upon the dead body; the double bladed knife still inside the body now also inside of him. I had killed him.
    The horror was over. I could now rest.
    The beast then let out a horrid scream as the trees started to shake. Roots started popping up around me as they grabbed ahold of me and burrowed underneath my skin. The pain flowing throughout my body was unbearable. Bark started to surround my skin until I was fully covered. I was stuck, trapped, and scarred.
    There was, and still is nothing I can do. Unfortunately, I am and will always remain a part of this forrest; watching all who enter and all who happen to fallow my fate and curse as a part of this forrest.