• A pretty, blonde, slip-of-a-thing called Helen walked out of makeup and onto the studio floor. Passed the cameras, there were two chairs set up either side of a coffee table and Helen placed herself in one of these. Picking up a piece of paper, she quickly flicked through the questions she would be asking. She had interviewed all sorts before, but never a vampire. And she had to admit, she was nervous. She stroked her hair behind her ears then looked up. “We ready, Joe?” she asked one of the cameramen, folding the piece of paper away.
    “Yep,” Joe replied, “all we need is him.” And as if on cue, the door to the studio opened and the vampire himself stepped in. everyone became silent as he strode over. Helen stared at him and found herself a little dumbstruck as he came nearer, but she quickly pulled herself together.
    “Hi” she said, smiling and holding out a hand.
    “Hello,” the vampire said, taking her hand and shaking it “I do hope I’m not late.” His voice was low and smooth, almost seductive. Helen did not reply, though, as she was startled to find that his hands were freezing cold to the touch. She frowned,
    “Is it cold out?” she asked, but the vampire only shook his head and Helen wiped the question away. “What may I call you?” she asked politely, bringing her smile back.
    “Theron.” The vampire replied.
    “Just Theron?” she asked. He nodded. “Well then, Theron. Would you like to take a seat?” the vampire nodded again and placed himself in the chair opposite her. Taking a deep breath, Helen then turned to their cameraman. “Alright Joe, we ready?” Joe confirmed and two seconds later they were on air. “Hello,” Helen said, smiling to the camera “and welcome to ‘interviews today’. I have with me here, Theron the vampire and I shall be talking to him about his life.” She turned to the vampire.
    “So Theron, do you have any family?” Theron smiled slightly
    “Not blood related. There are others like me and we think of ourselves as family.” Helen nodded
    “I see. And would it be impolite of me to ask, what your age is?”
    “I am precisely” Theron said “2,351 years old.” He chuckled “it may seem a hell of an old age, but in vampire years, I assure you, I am one of the younger ones.”
    “Goodness” Helen said, exasperated “so you have been alive for 2,351 years?” the vampire chuckled again
    “I guess you could say that.” Helen smiled
    “So Theron,” she said, “what are you exactly?” Theron frowned
    “I am a vampire.” Helen laughed
    “I mean, what are you? What defines you as a vampire? Why do you do, the things you do?”
    “Oh, I see” the vampire said, “Hmm…what am I… I am a creature of the night. I am someone you would not want to meet in a dark ally. I am a monster; I am…your worst nightmare. I lust for human blood and if I smell someone I like, I am going to have them weather I like it or not. When the craving takes over, it’s impossible to stop. My vision goes blurry so I don’t know whom I’m attacking, only that they taste magnificent, and that makes me carry on. Just the thought of attacking someone makes me sick, but the moment I smell their blood… it’s all I can do to stop myself. I could have a hundred humans, a thousand, and still it would not be enough. I would still thirst. I am forever hungry, doomed to feast on whatever poor soul I find first.
    Animals? They’re not half as delicious. Their blood is enough to keep me going but don’t give me the adrenaline rush humans do. They don’t put up a fight, they don’t give chase. That’s part of it – the chase, it not as fun without it.
    Oh believe me, I have tried to stop; I have tried so very hard. But the thirst becomes imminent, crucial. I wouldn’t die without it, but just knowing how easily I could pick someone off, feel that hot…satin-like blood, flowing down my throat, sends me mad. And so I give in to temptation, for my needs are stronger than I can handle. Sure, I know people who have managed to stop, but they went through centuries of pain and great suffering to be where they are now. Personally I don’t care for what its worth, because it isn’t worth it. Just the smell sends shivers down my spine. Even now as I sit here, the scent of your blood is making my nerves spasm, but this is so fast, it is impossible for a human such as yourself to see.”
    His lips quivered slightly, and it was obvious that he was trying not to lick them. Now his eyes became deadly serious and dark as he stared into Helens. He spoke slowly, threateningly.
    “…You know, I could kill you right here and now. know one would even hear you scream – that’s how fast it would be. I would dispose of your dried up corpse once I had finished, then disappear without a trace. Your body would not be found for several weeks and from the loss of blood, the knife that I would put in your hand and the holes in your neck, people would assume it was suicide. …You see how invitingly easy it is? That’s why I don’t stop, that’s why I can’t stop.
    So now you know about me. I bet your regretting asking that question now, aren’t you? I bet your wishing that you had decided to stay at home and call in sick; after all, you were feeling a little ill this morning weren’t you? You’re regretting to deciding to do this interview and you’re now considering getting someone to call the police.” Helen had gone deathly pale. The vampire chuckled darkly “Humans are just too easy to read. The cameras aren’t even on anymore; Joe turned them off once I got to the gruesome part, but you haven’t noticed, your too fixated, too scared. Now your thinking or wrapping up this interview so you can go home and lock yourself away, in the hope that I won’t find you, but trust me my dear, I will find you. I have become attuned to the smell of your blood and so I could hunt you down so easily, that it would be foolish to hide.
    You wanted to know about me? Well there it is. I am a monster, a fiend…a vampire.” Theron sat back in his chair. All eyes were fixated on him, all mouths were open wide and all faces were pale with shock. Theron sighed, “I did warn you.” he muttered, getting up. He took one last look around the set, the hoped off the stage and out the door swinging it shut behind him.